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The King

'The King' is an Irish singer, whose voice sound very close to Elvis Presley. He was born in 1968 as James Brown in Belfast, Ireland. He is father of five children and works as a mailman in regular life.


James 'The King' Brown

James Brown didn't want to get confused with the Soul music superstar by the same namen and therefore he chose the pseudonym 'The King' in relation to his Elvis-sound alike voice. On the other hand he cannot be counted as one of the millions of Elvis impersonators as he doesn't even cover The King of Rock'n'Roll. He prefers to cover songs by John Lennon, Janis Joplin, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Freddie Mercury and Roy Orbison in a Presleyish style.


The beginning of his career

His first CD Album was released in 1998 called 'Gravelands', an album with cover tunes by artists who sadly had died. The album reached chart status, especially the extraction of his interpretation of the Nirvana song, 'Come As You Are'. He reached even more international stardom with his version of the Roger Miller classic 'King Of The Road' in a TV commercial spot together with that famous shakin' Elvis puppet.


More releases

More albums followed, 'Return To Splendor' (2000), 'Live In Concert' (2004), 'Anyway You Want Me' (2005), 'The American Sound Show' (2007) and 'Return To Gravelands' (2014), all of them released on EMI. 'The King' James Brown is still active.

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King Of The Road - Maxi CD
The King: King Of The Road - Maxi CD Art-Nr.: CDEMI879360

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(2001/EMI) 3 tracks​ - now rare AUDI commercial EMI custom release
Return To Splendor (CD)
The King: Return To Splendor (CD) Art-Nr.: CDEMI25621

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(2000/EMI) 15 tracks
Gravelands (CD)
The King: Gravelands (CD) Art-Nr.: CDEMI96869

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CD on EMI RECORDS by THE KING - Gravelands (CD)
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