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SURFIN' GORILLAS: Surfing Hootenanny
Art-Nr.: CDRBR5712

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(2011/RHYTHM BOMB) 15 tracks, the long awaited new album by one of today's best Surf Combos is available NOW! Superb Surf sounds feat. thunder guitar breaks, groovy bass-lines, driving drums and mystic female voices will help you to find THE BIG WAVE!! A great...

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The Surfin' Gorillas: Aloha
Art-Nr.: CDRBR5778

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(2015/Rhythm Bomb) 15 tracks, the newest album by the Surfin' Gorillas featuring 15 Reverb Guitar and  Space Organ Rockers! Killer stuff all the way and seven songs are material from the band! Clive Osborne and his dudes really rock the beach and this release...

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SURFIN' GORILLAS: The Return Of...
Art-Nr.: CDFT017

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(FOOT TAPPING UK) 14 tracks

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