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SUMLIN, Hubert: Blues Anytime!
Art-Nr.: CDLR72010

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(1964/80 'L+R Records') (65:43/17) 1964 Amiga Studio, Berlin: HUBERT SUMLIN - gtr/voc w/ WILLIE DIXON, SUNNYLAND SLIM, CLIFTON JAMES. 1980 live in Germany w/ WILLIE MABON, EDDIE TAYLOR, BOB STROGER, ODIE PAYNE oder/or LOUISIANA RED, LURRIE BELL, BOB STROGER, ODIE...

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Hubert Sumlin: Blues Classics
Art-Nr.: CDLR82007

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(1964/80 'L+R Records') (45:19/11)

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Hubert Sumlin: I Know You
Art-Nr.: CDCAPO2004

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thanks to producer Joe Harley this album's got a nice warm analog sound. The bad news: Hubert's a lousy singer, and his vocals are spoiling almost every tune on this cd. Also, his guitar sounds rather unusual, too clean. His release on 'Blues Planet' is a lot...

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Hubert Sumlin: Blues Guitar Boss
Art-Nr.: CDJSP8834

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Surprisingly, this British session produced one of the better solo albums of the highly influential blues guitar master. - Digipak. HUBERT SUMLIN - gtr/voc, RICHARD STUDHOLME - gtr/bass, JACK HILL - pno/org, STEVE THORNEYCROFT - drums.

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