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The Stargazers: Rock That Boogie
Art-Nr.: LPJR7

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(1993/Vinyl Japan) 14 tracks - Hard-to-find Stargazers vinyl album! Only a few copies back in stock!

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The Stargazers: The Speaking Clock Says 'Rock!' (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDJR4

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(1992/Vinyl Japan) 12 tracks - Legendary album!

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The Stargazers: The Speaking Clock Says Rock
Art-Nr.: LPJR4

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(1992/Viny Japan) 12 tracks - Rare Vinyl Japan LP album!

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STARGAZERS: Go Go Honey (LP, 10inch)
Art-Nr.: LPJRT7

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(1994/Vinyl Japan) 4 tracks - Rare and hard-to-find 'Vinyl Japan' 10inch LP!

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The Stargazers: Watch This Space (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPEPC25053

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​(1982/CBS) 14 tracks

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The Stargazers: Give Me That Jive - The '94 Sessions (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDJR37

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(1999/Vinyl Japan) 13 tracks - British Jive Legend!

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The Stargazers: Broken Wings (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD706722

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(2007/HALLMARK) 22 tracks - original 1950s masters

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STARGAZERS: South Of The Border
Art-Nr.: CDLK4212

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(2003/VOCALION) 24 tracks, 1953-59, incl. a singles comp. 53-58

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The Stargazers: Epic Rock'n'Roll
Art-Nr.: CDEPRR1

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(2011/Rhythm Rock-It) 22 tracks recorded for Sony in 1981-82. FANTASTIC retrospective of this stunnish Rock'n'Roll group from the UK! Digipack

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