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The Stargazers: The Speaking Clock Says...Rock! (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDJR4

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(1992/Vinyl Japan) 12 tracks (31:57) - legendary, now rare 'Bill Haley - Comets' style  Rock'n'Roll Album from this british supergroup.  - Ricky Lee Brawn (drms), Danny Britain (voc), Peter Davenport (gtr), Chris Gardener (piano), Tim Purkess (Bass), John...

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The Stargazers: Rock That Boogie
Art-Nr.: LPJR7

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(1993/Vinyl Japan) 14 tracks - Hard-to-find Stargazers vinyl album! Only a few copies back in stock!

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The Stargazers: Broken Wings (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD706722

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(2007/HALLMARK) 22 tracks - original 1950s masters

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The Stargazers: The Speaking Clock Says Rock
Art-Nr.: LPJR4

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(1992/Viny Japan) 12 tracks - Rare Vinyl Japan LP album!

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STARGAZERS: Go Go Honey (LP, 10inch)
Art-Nr.: LPJRT7

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(1994/Vinyl Japan) 4 tracks - Rare and hard-to-find 'Vinyl Japan' 10inch LP!

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The Stargazers: Carry On Jiving (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDRTR1

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(Ruby Tone) 13 tracks -The Stargazers are back! Twenty years after their latest LP (Froffee Coffee) and even more than that if you look for an album featuring guitar ace Peter Davenport. And the question is: do they still have it? You bet! Not only they still rock...

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The Stargazers: Give Me That Jive - The '94 Sessions (LP, Ltd.)
Art-Nr.: LPJR37

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Limited Vinyl Edition (2000 copies)! Last copies!!

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The Stargazers: Give Me That Jive - The '94 Sessions (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDJR37

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(1999/Vinyl Japan) 13 tracks - British Jive Legend!

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The Stargazers: Watch This Space (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPEPC25053

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​(1982/CBS) 14 tracks

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STARGAZERS: South Of The Border
Art-Nr.: CDLK4212

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(2003/VOCALION) 24 tracks, 1953-59, incl. a singles comp. 53-58

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The Stargazers: Epic Rock'n'Roll
Art-Nr.: CDEPRR1

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(2011/Rhythm Rock-It) 22 tracks recorded for Sony in 1981-82. FANTASTIC retrospective of this stunnish Rock'n'Roll group from the UK! Digipack

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Stargazers: Half A Heart b-w Boo Hoo Hoo 7inch, 45rpm, SC
Art-Nr.: 45RT001

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(2014/Ruby Tone) 2 tracks, small center, limited to 300 copies

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