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Sonny Stafford
Record Hop Blues was written by Toby Escobar in late 1960 or early 1961 and released on Blue Moon in February of 1961. Its A-side, I Wanna Go Home, had been written by Sonny Stafford and John Gerard Verrico as early as mid-1957, as per entry by John Pusateri’s Cliff Music Publishing Company. Nothing is known about Sonny Stafford with His Schemers and The 4 Kings. It’s obvious that Sonny was the lead singer and The Schemers probably his accompanying band along with The 4 Kings as the vocal group, or vice versa. Most likely, the songwriters Escobar and Verrico were members of either The Schemers or The 4 Kings. Their only single output, Blue Moon 45-BM-476, with its mysterious catalogue number which is far apart from all other releases, was produced by Dori-Ann Associates Production.

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