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The Small Faces: Odds And Mods (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD0612272X

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(2002/Fuel 2000) 18 Tracks (45:50) 1967-1969 - Small cut-out drillhole in jewelcase - CD contains rarities, B-sides and oddities, plus extensive liner notes and a hidden bonus track!

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The Small Faces: Small Faces - Deluxe Edition (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CD2765280

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CD on DECCA RECORDS by The Small Faces - Small Faces - Deluxe Edition (2-CD)

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The Small Faces: Me You And Us Too - Immediate Years Best
Art-Nr.: CDREP4818

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(2007/REPERTOIRE) 20 tracks - digipac - last copies

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The Small Faces: Small 40th Anniversary Edition
Art-Nr.: CD9841721

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(2006/DECCA) 23 tracks - digipac

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The Small Faces: From The Beginning - Deluxe Edition (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CD2781341

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CD on DECCA RECORDS by The Small Faces - From The Beginning - Deluxe Edition (2-CD)

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The Small Faces: Here Come The Nice - The Immediate Years 1967-1969 (4-CD & 4 Vinyl Single Box)
Art-Nr.: CDCRBX170

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(2014/Charly) 75 Tracks! • 4 CDs - 75 songs remastered from original tapes • 72-page hardback book, lavishly illustrated • 3 rare singles in red, white & blue vinyl • Olympic Studios 7-inch replica acetate • 64-page softcover illustrated lyric book • 5 postcards...

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SMALL FACES: From The Beginning - 180g vinyl
Art-Nr.: 4M182

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(2009/FOUR MEN) 14 tracks Decca 1967

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The Small Faces: 35th Anniversary (Deluxe Edition 2-CD Album)
Art-Nr.: CDCMDD553

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Steve Marriott, Ronnie Lane, Ian McLagan and Kenney Jones' complete 1967 recordings finally appear on one package. Their ground-breaking, self-titled first Immediate album appears in both stereo and rare mono mixes, alongside three classic '67 hit singles plus...

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SMALL FACES: Small Faces - 180g vinyl
Art-Nr.: 4M181

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(2009/FOUR MEN) 12 tracks Decca 1966

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The Small Faces: The Best Of British Rock (2-LP Set)
Art-Nr.: LPSPLD21153

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(1987/Pair) 16 tracks . Rare 'Pair' 2-LP set! Originally sealed! Cut-out!

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Art-Nr.: 4M215

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​(2012/4MENWITHBREAD) 10 tracks - gatefold sleeve

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SMALL FACES: All Or Nothing
Art-Nr.: DVDEV160

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(2015/Eagle Vision) Sound:Dolby Digital 2.0/DSS 5.1;Bild:4:3/NTSC;Spr:E;Sub:E;Ländercode:0; Laufzeit:175 Min.

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The Small Faces: Small Faces - Mono & (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDCHA642

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CD on ACE RECORDS by The Small Faces - Small Faces - Mono & (2-CD)

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