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Innes Sibun: Lost In The Wilderness
Art-Nr.: CD250356

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(2013/Blues Boulevard) 12 tracks. Innes Sibun playing high-energy blues with intense passion , since he heard 12 years BB King album " Live At The Regal " . Over the years he missed his natural talent a fine-tuning by playing blues and rock in various British...

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Innes Sibun: Blues Transfusion
Art-Nr.: CD250369

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(2015/Blues Boulevard) 12 tracks.

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Innes Sibun: Can't Slow Down
Art-Nr.: CDPEC2082

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Innes Sibun: The Box Set
Art-Nr.: CDPEC2061

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They don't wanna let us know, when and where this live set was recorded. Although, the musicians are not important enough to be listed.

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