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The Satellites: Bop Tonight (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDX01

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(1998/Planet X Records) 14 Tracks - A rockin' combo from down under playing authentic flavored 50's Bop

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The Satellites: The Space Sessions
Art-Nr.: CDET6059

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(2014/El Toro) 11 tracks

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The Satellites: Homeless (EP, 7inch, 45rpm, PS)
Art-Nr.: 45ET15072

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(El Toro) 4-Track EP, brand new and a smash!

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The Satellites: From The Space Sessions 7inch, 45rpm, PS
Art-Nr.: 45ET15041

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(2014/El Toro) 2 tracks, limited, numbered (500)

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The Satellites: Live - Limited CD-R
Art-Nr.: CDX03

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SAUCERMEN (Australia): Wrong Move
Art-Nr.: CDX07

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(2009/SATELLITES) 8 tracks (21:36) digipac - great Rockabilly from Australia with own material and a red hot version of George Jones' 'How Come It'.

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The Satellites: Crash Landing (CD Album)
Art-Nr.: CDET6073

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(2016/El Toro) 11 tracks, Red Hot Rockabilly!

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