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Steve Rowe: No Refund To Return
Art-Nr.: CDBS4507

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'Montreal guitar slinger reinvents the blues'' ' statement from his website www.steve Well, I wouldn't agree to that although he's a pretty good player. But re-inventing' That would deserve a lot more. Rowe's music sounds timeless and has made it ways into...

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ROWE, Steve: Five
Art-Nr.: CDBS4505

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(2008 'Howlin' Blue') (64:09/15) Das fünfte Album des Gitarristen und Sängers aus Montr album by the rock-solid guitar player/vocalist from Montr ROWE ' gtr/voc, ALEC McELCHERAN 'bass/voc, SAM HARRISON ' drums.

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ROWE, Steve: Driving The Blues Away
Art-Nr.: CDBS4506

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Debut from Canada's guitar slinger. STEVE HOWE ' gtr/voc, DAVID FINDLAY ' kbds, MIKE WATTIE ' bass, STAN DEGUIRE ' drums, pölus horns, back-up vox.

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ROWE, Steve: Live
Art-Nr.: CDBS4509

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(2005 'Howlin' Blue') (59:52/10) 'Recorded live at the Festival International de Jazz de Montr July 2005' ' STEVE ROWE ' gtr/voc, ALEC McELCHERAN ' bass/voc, DOMINIC LEGRAND ' drums, plus horns.

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Steve Rowe: Front Rowe Center
Art-Nr.: CDBS4508

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