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The Chronological 1952-54 Todd Rhodes: The Chronological 1952-54 Art-Nr.: CDCLASS5159

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(1952-54 'King Records') (39:46/16)
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Your Daddy's Doggin' Around (1947-53) Todd Rhodes: Your Daddy's Doggin' Around (1947-53) Art-Nr.: JB615

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-Your Daddy's Doggin'Aroun(1947-53) Jukebox Lil
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The Chronological 1950-1951 (CD) Todd Rhodes: The Chronological 1950-1951 (CD) Art-Nr.: CDCLASS5040

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(Classics Records) 22 Tracks
The Chronological 1947-1949 (CD) Todd Rhodes: The Chronological 1947-1949 (CD) Art-Nr.: CDCLASS5019

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(Classics Records) 20 Tracks