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LP-Coverhüllen 1 Set (50 Stk) Record Covers: LP-Coverhüllen 1 Set (50 Stk) Art-Nr.: 004528006

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325mm x 325mm, 65µ HDPE, Transparent The good old record represents a special value for many people. Be it by its rarity, its special sound or by its personal, ideal value and the great emotional moments one associates with it. The...
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LP-Innenhülle 1 Set (50 Stck.) Record Covers: LP-Innenhülle 1 Set (50 Stck.) Art-Nr.: 004528005

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Antistatisch, 40µ HDPE, Half-round fit The Premium record inner covers protect the record from dust and other impurities. They are made of antistatic HDPE (high density polyethylene), which prevents electrostatic charging of the vinyl....
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