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Dan Patlansky: Invertigo (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD4783661

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(2016/Caroline) 10 tracks. Guitarist and singer-songwriter Dan Patlansky has been one of the world's best blues storyteller for a long time In 2014 he opened for Bruce Springsteen in front of 64,000 people at the FNB stadium in Johannesburg in his home country...

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Dan Patlansky: Perfection Kills (LP)
Art-Nr.: LP6717145

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(Self produced) 10 Tracks - Perfection Kills is the ninth release from South African blues-rock guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist, Dan Patlansky. Picking up right where his 2017 Introvertigo left off, Perfection Kills proves Patlansky is a guitar slayer, a killer...

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Dan Patlansky: Perfection Kills (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD6716859

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(2018/Caroline) 11 tracks - Perfection Kills offers just about everything you could wish for in terms of pithy blues rock: songs between classic bonmassa, a really dirty guitar sound, the typical blue blues with which Patlansky tells his stories from life.

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