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Johnny Otis, now billed as the Godfather of Rhythm and Blues, was born in Vallejo, California, on Dec. 28, 1921, to Greek immigrant parents, Alexander and Irene Veliotes. By 1940, the big band jazz of Count Basie and Duke Ellington had inspired him to start learning drums, later progressing to piano and vibes. In 1946 he switched from a small boogie-blues outfit to a 16-piece jazz-swing band, signed a contract with Excelsior Records and scored his first hit, `Harlem Nocturne'. The band took off on a nationwide tour with Louis Jordan, Nat 'King' Cole and the Inkspots.

They were later to record with such jazz greats as Lester Young, Illinois Jacquet and Jimmy Rushing. In 1948, Otis opened the Barrelhouse Club in Los Angeles, thus launching the very first nightspot to feature R&B music exclusively. While at the Barrelhouse, he discovered 13-year-old Little Esther (Philips).

Throughout 1950, the pair cut numerous hits for Savoy records, usually billed as Little Esther with Johnny Otis and the Robins (whowere another Otis find). Their first recording, 'Double Crossing Blues', was a No. 1 R&B seller throughout the nation. This was followed by `Mistrustin' Blues', 'Wedding Boogie' and Deceivin' Blues'. At about the same time, Otis saw the potential of a tour-ing R&B review, and so 'The Johnny Otis R&B Caravan' took to the road — again the first of its kind. The package featured several Otis discoveries, including Big Mama Thornton, who was later to cut the original version of Leiber and Stoller's 'Hound Dog,' with Otis in accompaniment.

Even with lengthy tours to contend with, Otis found time to search out new talent. While in Detroit in 1951, he discovered Jackie Wilson, Little Willie John and Hank Ballard. A few years later the legendary Johnny Ace joined the Otis package, and quickly became the star of the show. Otis went on to arrange and produce most of Ace's record-ings for the Texas-based Duke-Peacock label, including his smash hit of 1954, 'Pledging My Love'. Little Richard, Etta James, Charles Brown, Johnny 'Guitar' Watson and Sugar-cane Harris are just a few of the other artists he has been associated with over the years. As the Fifties progressed, Otis became more and more aware of the changing public taste in R&B, notably with the introduction of rock'n'roll styles into the music.

By 1957 he had signed a contract with Capitol records in LA, and later that year cut 'Ma (He's Makin' Eyes At Me)', sung by Marie Adams & The Three Tons Of Joy. Shortly after he recorded what was to become his best remembered hit, 'Willie And The Hand Jive'. It was a novelty rock song aimed straight at the teenage market, and the Top Ten, that exploited to the full the now famous 'Bo Diddley' beat. Whether the arrangement was inspired Diddley is open to debate, although Otis insists that he first played by this rhythm — know as 'shave-and-a-haircut, six-bits' — during the early Forties.

The song was later covered in Britain by Cliff Richard. Otis spent most of the Sixties working in a producer-arranger capacity, until 1968 when he and his son, Shuggie, collaborated on a progressive album called Cold Shot. It was a surprise hit and led to a producer-recording contract with Columbia-Epic. By 1970, however, Otis had decided to re-form his original touring show of the Fifties, and has since played a string of successful concert dates throughout America and Europe.


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Johnny Otis: The Johnny Otis Show (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSB940

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(1994/South Bay) 13 tracks - CD reissue of the legendary 1958 album  - good sound quality (dubbed from vinyl) and quiet rare today.

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Johnny Otis: Story of the Blues (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CD222075

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Story of the Blues (2-CD) Buchformat - 18 page booklet

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Johnny Otis: Barrelhouse Stomp (1946-51)
Art-Nr.: JB611

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-Barrelhouse Stomp (1946-51) Jukebox Lil

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Johnny Otis: Gee Baby (1947-52)
Art-Nr.: JB617

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-Gee Baby (1947-52) Jukebox Lil

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Johnny Otis & Sidney Maiden: Turtle Dove b-w Hand Me Down Baby 7inch, 45rpm
Art-Nr.: REP15002

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Swingin' R&B and crunching harp with a great flip as well!

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Johnny Otis: Cuttin' Up (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDWOU2652

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(2016/Wounded Bird) 12 tracks Johnny Otis has many talents. These include playing the piano, vibraphone, drums, percussion and vocals. He was an American singer, musician, composer, arranger, bandleader, talent scout, disc jockey, record producer, television show...

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Johnny Otis: The Capitol Years
Art-Nr.: CDCOL2773

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CD on COLLECTABLE RECORDS by Johnny Otis - The Capitol Years

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Johnny Otis: On With The Show - The Story 1957-74 (Vol.2)
Art-Nr.: CDCHD1326

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(2011/ACE) 24 tracks (61:31) with 16 page booklet.

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Johnny Otis: Creepin' With The Cats
Art-Nr.: CDCHD325

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The legendary DIG masters Vol.1

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Johnny Otis: The Johnny Otis Story Vol.1 - Midnight At The Barrelhouse (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDCHD1312

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(ACE Records) 25 Tracks - 1945-1957 - with 20 page booklet. There can’t be many people who have done more in the name of rhythm & blues than John Alexander Veliotes – Johnny Otis to his friends and fans. Johnny has packed a lot into his...

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No image available Johnny Otis: The New Johnny Otis Show
Art-Nr.: CDAL4726

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-The New Johnny Otis Show (1981 'Alligator') (36:39/11)

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Johnny Otis & Friends: That's Your Last Boogie! The Best Of Johnny Otis (3-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDFV120

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(2017/Fantastic Voyage) 83 Tracks - Deluxe Digipack - Johnny Otis was an influential bandleader, multi instrumentalist, music producer and talent scout who became the only white 'Godfather of Rhythm & Blues' and one of the founders of Rock'n'Roll! He was inducted...

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Johnny Otis: Snatch And The Poontangs & Cold Shot
Art-Nr.: CDCHD855

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the two Otis albums with explicit lyrics. For adults, only! Featuring: SHUGGIE OTIS - gtr.

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Johnny Otis & Friends: Watts Funky (2-LP)
Art-Nr.: BGP2144

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LP on ACE RECORDS by Johnny Otis & Friends - Watts Funky (2-LP)

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Johnny Otis: Rock'n'Roll Hit Parade
Art-Nr.: CDCHD774

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(1957 'Dig Records') (62:16/24) Die kompletten Aufnahmen, die Johnny Otis damals für sein eigenes Label gemacht hat. Allesamt Re-Makes erfolgreicher R&B-Titel der letzten Jahre, darunter acht unveröffentlichte Nummern. Gutes Zeug / the complete recordings for...

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