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Dirty Dave Osti: Rare Tracks (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDGYR157

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(2017/Grooveyard) 15 Tracks - Ecopack - Crazy California Blues-Hard Rock Mix!

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OSTI, Dirty Dave: Voodoo Guitar
Art-Nr.: CDGYR066

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Stratocaster-slinging, hard-rocking dirty guitar blues from the L.A.-based guitar player, songariter, and vocalist. Fine debut. - Digipak. DAVE OSTI - gtr/voc, DAVE BATTI - bass, MOYES LUCAS - drums.

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Dirty Dave Osti: Shakedown On Salvation Street
Art-Nr.: CDGYR110

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2013 'Grooveyard' 69:33/14

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OSTI, Dirty Dave: Burning Down The Dirtshack
Art-Nr.: CDGYR083

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('2011 'Grooveyard') (49:52/11) Digipak. - DAVE OSTI - gtr/voc, RUSTY MAVERIX - bass, CHIP BEIFER - drums.

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