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Los Straitjackets with Big Sandy & El Vez: Big Sandy & El Vez...To The Rescue (7inch, 45rpm, PS)
Art-Nr.: 45SR120

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(2017/Sleazy) 2-Track Single - 45rpm and big center juke box hole! Surf instro legends meet Big Sandy and the Mexican Elvis El Vez!

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LOS STRAITJACKETS: In Concert - 180g Vinyl
Art-Nr.: YEP2094

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(2008/YEPROC) 13 tracks, recorded live in California, 2005.

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LOS STRAITJACKETS: Supersonic Guitars In 3-D
Art-Nr.: CDYEP2047

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(2003/YEP-ROC) 13 tracks / 3-D glasses included abgefahrene Gitarren Instros von Eddie Angel und Co. - mit 3D Brille

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LOS STRAITJACKETS: The Further Adventures Of...(2009)
Art-Nr.: CDYEP2165

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(2009/YEP ROC) 13 tracks (30:37) digipac incl.4 collector cards.

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LOS STRAITJACKETS & Friends: Rock En Espanol
Art-Nr.: CDYEP2135

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(2007/YEP-ROC) 14 tracks (41:10) Klasse Projekt mit spanischen Versionen von Rock & Roll Klassikern, produziert von Cesar Rosas (Los Lobos). Mit den Gästen Big Sandy und Little Willie G. entstand ein Hammeralbum, mit Herzblut und Power eingespielt. Highlight !sk...

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LOS STRAITJACKETS: Los Straitjackets Jet Set - 180g Vinyl (&Album
Art-Nr.: LPYEP2268

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(2012/YEP ROC) 15 titres

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Los Straitjackets feat. Deke Dickerson: Deke Dickerson Sings The Great Instrumental Hits (2014)
Art-Nr.: CDYEP2407

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(2014/YEP ROCK) 14 tracks includes full album download - digipac

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Los Straitjackets: Jet Set (8x7inch, 45rpm Box) Limited Edition
Art-Nr.: YEP2297

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(2012/YEP ROC) 7inch box-set featuring all album tracks and bonus" dub version of Walkin Down 3rd Street. Each 7 features unique" artwork by Johnny Bartlett.

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Art-Nr.: CDYEP2268

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(2012/YEP ROC) 15 tracks - digipac. An astounding new album by the masked masters of instrumental guitar. Incl. the track 'Space Mosquito' as featured on Includes Download Code for bonus material.

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