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The Leipzig group Folkländer (name from Folk and Vogtland, where three of the founding members came from) was the creative centre of the GDR folk revival of the 70s and 80s. She began with Irish folklore in 1976, but soon turned consistently to German folklore. People searched for folk songs in libraries and were interested in rather rare folk instruments such as dulcimer, hurdy-gurdy and humming pot. The first radio recordings took place in 1979. In 1981, five Folkländer titles were released on an Amiga Folksampler, and the group's first LP was produced, the title of which was Der deutsche Philister.

Founder and leader of the group until 1985 was Jürgen Wolff, born 1953 in Plauen, who studied graphic art at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig from 1974 to 1979. In 1982 the group changed its name to Folkländers Bierfiedler. In 1985 Jürgen Wolff (now Jürgen B. Wolff) retired and founded the duo Sonnenschirm with Dieter Beckert in 1986. Manfred Wagenbreth, born 1947, became the head of the beer fiddlers. In 1991 a unique reunion concert of folk countries and folk country beer fiddlers took place at the Tanz&FolkFest in Rudolstadt. The beer fiddlers have been appearing under the new name Die Sieben Leben since 2004.

The Folkländer initiated folk workshops in the GDR (1976/77 and again from 1980). In 1977 they appeared for the first time at the workshop week of the FDJ singing clubs and in 1979 at the festival of political song. At the GDR Dance Festival in Rudolstadt, a stronghold of stage dance, they introduced the participatory dance in 1983. They published the songbook series 'Kleine Reihe deutsche Volkslieder' (from 1978) and the folk magazine 'Leipziger Folksblatt' (from 1981) and developed folk dance for participation with the dance group Kreuz und Square (from 1980). Group member Ulrich Doberenz, born 1953, founded the Folkklub Leipzig in 1984. Since December 1990 three former folk countries have had important functions at Tanz&Folkfest Rudolstadt (Uli Doberenz - director, Peter Uhlmann - festival office manager, Jürgen B. Wolff - chief designer).



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