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Cathy Lemons: Black Crow

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(2014/Squeeze Play) 10 tracks. Cathy Lemons - voc, Stevie Gurr - gtr, Paul Olguin - bass, D'mar - drums on track 3,5,6,7,8,9, Kevin Zuff - pno on track 5,7/pno on track 8, Robbie Bean - drums on track 1,2,4. Guest musicians: Doug James - saxes, BVolker Strifler -...

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Cathy Lemons Blues Band: Dark Road
Art-Nr.: CDSR1997

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She grew up in Texas and has been leading her own band in San Francisco since '95. Recorded in the 'Saloon' club on the North Beach, this is a simpel but fine recording bringing us some great blues! CATHY LEMONS - voc, STEVE FREUND - gtr, JOHNNY ACE - bass, KEVIN...

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LEMONS, Cathy & JOHNNY ACE: Lemonace
Art-Nr.: CDVIZZ1

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During the late '80s and early '90s, Johnny Ace's Band, Johnny Nitro & The Door Slammers was one of the hottest live acts on San Francisco's north side. Ace has been playing his bass forever, working with a who's who of the blues. Now, along with Texan singer Cathy...

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