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Hugh Laurie: Didn't It Rain (Bookpack Edition) (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CD6464571

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(2013/Warner/18 tracks. Limited bookpack edition includes five extra bonus tracks alongside over 40 color pages of exclusive photographs and content. 2013 release, the sophomore album from the British comedian-turned-actor-turned-Blues-maestro. Although the album...

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Hugh Laurie: Didn't It Rain (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD1057137

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(2013/Warner) 13 tracks

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Hugh Laurie: Let Them Talk
Art-Nr.: CD4674078

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he star oft he tv series 'Dr. House' took piano lessons at the age of six. This album contains his view on the history of American popular music, on jazz and blues. Sometimes folky, than raw and dirty, mean and moody, elegant and slick. It's all here. Great list of...

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Hugh Laurie: Let Them Talk (2-LP)
Art-Nr.: LP4672942

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(2010) Warner

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