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Marquise Knox: Here I Am (2-LP)
Art-Nr.: AAPO2024

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(2010) APO Records

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KNOX, Marquise: Man Child
Art-Nr.: CDCAPO2022

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He looks like a man child, he's tall and big. And he sings the blues like a seasoned veteran. Marquise Knox from St. Louis was just 17 years old when he recorded this session. He sounds much older, like a mature singer and well-experienced guitar player in the...

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Marquise Knox: Man Child
Art-Nr.: AAPO2022

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(2007 'Analoggue Prod.') APO Records

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Marquise Knox: Here I Am
Art-Nr.: CDCAPO2024

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This young man sounds so mature. Hard o believe he was just nineteen years old at the time these recordings were made in late 2010. On guitar, he can sound like Albert King, or like Muddy. Also as a vocalist he's the real deal. Of course he did not put a complete new...

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