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King King: Exile And Grace (2-LP, 180g Vinyl)
Art-Nr.: LPHM4048

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(2017/Manhaton) 10 tracks - Produced by Wayne Proctor and Alan Nimmo

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King King: King King Standing In The Shadows
Art-Nr.: CDHATMAN2031

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(2013 Manhaton ') (50:41 / 10) ALAN NIMMO - voc / RTM, Lindsay COULSON - basse, Wayne Proctor - tambours, BENNETT HOLLAND touches - / adossés voc.

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King King: Reaching For The Light
Art-Nr.: CDHATMAN2038

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(2015/Manhattan) 9 tracks. The driving force behind King King's Alan Nimmo's brilliant guitar playing and his powerful voice. The band delivers a great live show, playing for the large part original compositions and is rightly regarded as one of the top blues-rock...

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King King: Live (2-CD,1-DVD)
Art-Nr.: CDHATMAN2045

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(2016/Hatman) CD: 12 tracks, DVD: 12 tracks. The Scotish band King King simply has everything what a strong blues rock band needs. The band won the British Blues Awards 2012 and 2013 in the 'Best Band & Best Album' award. The driving force behind King King is Alan...

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King King: Exile & Grace (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDHATMAN2048

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(2017/Manhattan) 9 tracks. 'Exile & Grace' is the fourth studio album by Alan Nimmo and the band King King. In terms of the quality of their songs and their live performances, the band has done well. This explains the many awards the band received at the 2016...

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King King: Take My Hand
Art-Nr.: CDHATMAN2026

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The album starts off with a rocking riff, Rolling Stone style. Fine debut album, a great set of originals. Soul-drenched rocking blues, cool ballads, and funky grooves. Excellent recording. - Digipak. ALAN NIMMO - gtr/voc, BENNETT HOLLAND - kbds, LINDSAY COULSON -...

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