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Johnny Kidd

Johnny Kidd was born Frederick Heath in London on Dec. 23, 1939, and has become something of a legend. At the end of the Fifties he and his band, the Pirates, featuring guitar-ist Mick Green, developed a form of R&B which stood in direct contrast to the careful cover jobs and polite rock of so many British artists, and predated the R&B revival by two or three years.

This reputation exceeds Kidd's actual chart successes —four British Top Twenty entries and no impression whatso-ever in America. But his first hit, `Shakin' All Over' (re-leased on HMV and co-written by Kidd and his manager, Gus Robinson) is now a rock standard; he followed it in the same year, 1960, with 'Restless' and in 1963 scored with `I'll Never Get Over You' and 'Hungry For Love'.

'Please Don't Touch' is another Kidd classic; his stage style, corn plete with gimmick eye-patch, is indicated by these titles. Tragically, Kidd couldn't climb back to the top when  R&B arrived in force, in spite of his 1963 success. His later recordings were heavily Beatle-influenced, and by the time of his death in a Lancashire car crash on Oct. 7, 1966, the Pirates had been reduced to low-priced support gigs.

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Johnny & The Pirates Kidd: Johnny Kidd &The Pirates - The Classic & Rare (CD)
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(See For Miles) 22 tracks 

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Johnny Kidd: Keith Hunt: Shakin' All Over The Birth Of British R&B - Life And Times Of Johnny Kidd
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(1996/Magnum Imprint) English, Paperback, 21.5x28 cm, 200 pages/Seiten; The birth of British Rhythm & Blues, throughout illustrated with rare b/w pictures and articles from the past. Contains a complete discography. Incredible rare and important book from old...

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Johnny Kidd: BBC Sessions & Rarities 1959-61
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CD on DESPO CD RECORDS by Johnny Kidd - BBC Sessions & Rarities 1959-61

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