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Candye Kane: In Concert - Ohne Filter
Art-Nr.: DVD6523

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(1997 'SWR') (57:05/11) Aus der 'Ohne Filter' Fernseh-Serie / From the 'Ohne Filter' tv series. CANDYE KANE - voc, STEVE WILCOX - gtr, SUE PALMER - pno, GREG WILLIS - bass, STEVE GELLER - drums. (Code: 0 - Farbe / color - 4:3 - Dolby digital 5.1)

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Candye Kane: Toughest Girl Alive
Art-Nr.: CDBB9605

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strong release from the lady that used to be the L.A. queen of cowpunk rockabilly. Strong mix of blues, r&b, soul, gospel and original ideas. Good band, too. CANDYE KANE - voc, MARCIA BALL - pno, JEFF ROSS - gtr, LARRY TAYLOR - bass, JOEY VEE - bass. Special guest:...

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Candye Kane: Home Cookin'
Art-Nr.: CDANT0033

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(1994 'Antone's Records') (52:31/14) Ungewöhnliches, schwer-zu-beschreibendes Album dieser schwergewichtigen Sängerin. Klasse! Musikalisch Blues, R&B, Jazz, Country, Texmex, etc. Special guests: ROY GAINES, THE PALADINS, KIM WILSON, DAVE ALVIN, CESAR ROSAS.

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Candye Kane: Knockout
Art-Nr.: CDX747042

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(1995 'Antone's') (39:07/12)

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KANE, Candye: Sister Vagabond
Art-Nr.: CDDGP148

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For this album, Candye has written nine of its 13 tracks with her lead guitar player. 'Sister Vagabond' is a straight blues album featuring her expressive vocals style, and Laura's great guitar playing. Excellent. CANDYE KANE - voc, LAURA CHAVEZ - gtr, KENNAN SHAW -...

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KANE, Candye: Superhero
Art-Nr.: CDDGP133

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After facing death and fully recovering from cancer, Candye Kane has recorded a beautiful set of songs (blues, soul, r&b, ballads, rockers) full of positive energy. Backed by guitar talent, Laura Chavez and a small crew of fine players. Recommended CANDYE KANE '...

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KANE, Candye: Coming Out Swingin'

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(2013 'Vizztone') 43:52/13

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