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Thelma Jones

Her career

Thelma Jones has had a long and illustrious recording career. She began singing while still a child with the family gospel recording group, The McDaniel Singers. 'Little David Play On Your Harp' and 'God Put A Rainbow In The Sky' were two recordings released at that time featuring Thelma as lead singer. She later moved to R&B when she recorded the original version of 'The House That Jack Built', along with 'Mr. Fix It', 'Souvenirs Of A Heartbreak' and 'Oh, Here Come The Heartbreak' for Barry Records between 1966 and 1968. Her following realease was 'Salty Tears,' a great tearful ballad that really put Thelma on map. The self titled album 'Thelma Jones' was originally recorded for Columbia in 1978 (re-masterd and re-released in 2005), and contains Smokey Robinson's 'I Second That Emotion'. In 1987 Barry Records released the single 'Never Leave Me.' She has followed up with several more recordings, the last being the critically acclaimed CD 'Law Of Old' in 2002.


As a live performer, Thelma has captivated audiences the world over with her electrifying vocal stylings. She is equally comfortable singing Gospel, Blues, Soul/R&B or Jazz. "It's the song that counts," says Thelma, "a good song is a good song in any genre."

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(Ace Records) 22 Tracks - 1967-1978 - Aretha Franklin scored a smash hit in 1968 with The House That Jack Built. Harlem-based Thelma Jones recorded the song first. And she did it better. It was a seal of approval when Aretha covered you;...