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Brian Hyland: Rockin' Folk & The Joker Went Wild
Art-Nr.: CDBGO758

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(2007/BGO) 24 tracks 1965/66

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Brian Hyland: The Bashful Blond' Brian Hyland (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD320215

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CD on GLOBE RECORDS by Brian Hyland - The Bashful Blond' Brian Hyland (CD)

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Brian Hyland: Country Meets Folk & Here's Brian Hyland
Art-Nr.: CDBGO759

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(2007/BGO) 24 tracks 1963/64

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Brian Hyland: Best
Art-Nr.: CDMCA11034

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Brian Hyland: Brian Hyland - Limited Re-Issue (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDHIP2881

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(HIP-O SERLECT) 11 tracks Geffen 1970 stereo - limited, numbered 13.5x13.5 cm cardboard sleeve edition.

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Brian Hyland: The Philips Years And More 1964-1968
Art-Nr.: CDTV1015

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(2015/Teensville) 32 tracks, 12-page booklet with photos and label shots. Teenage Twist and Ballads, original Philips and Dot recordings! MM/Bear Family Records

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Brian Hyland: Sealed With A Kiss
Art-Nr.: CD712672

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(2013/Hallmark) 9 tracks

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