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Rockabilly Party (CD) The Hub Caps: Rockabilly Party (CD) Art-Nr.: CDSA1347

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(2013/Scranta) 14 tracks (41:44) solid and vintage Rockabilly 2004-2010. 
Four On The Floor Hub Caps: Four On The Floor Art-Nr.: CDPPS68392

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(2015/Parlophone Sweden) 14 Titel (41:59), super Trio Rockabilly CD! All 14 Songs sind von dem Sänger Johnny Valentine geschrieben! Die Scheibe macht Spaß vom Anfang bis zum Ende! Absolut zu empfehlen!
Hub Caps The Hub Caps: Hub Caps Art-Nr.: CDAN1

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The Hub Caps (CD) The Hub Caps: The Hub Caps (CD) Art-Nr.: CDANETTE1

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(Self Produced) 14 Tracks - Rare first pressing of the debut album of the legendary rockabilly combo from Sweden! First come, first serve!