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HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS: The Moray Eels Eat The Holy Modal Rounders
Art-Nr.: SLP5126

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LP auf SUNDAZED RECORDS von HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS - The Moray Eels Eat The Holy Modal Rounders The Moray Eel Eat The Holy Modal Rounders is another indisputable masterpiece. This exact vinyl repro of their elusive '68 album spotlights the anthemic 'Bird Song,' a...

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HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS: Good Taste Is Timeless
Art-Nr.: SLP5253

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Gatefold The seminal Greenwich Village acid-folkies' twisted Americana collided with mainstream Nashville to produce this 1971 cult classic. Features cover art and songwriting by alt-folk hero Michael Hurley and contributions from original Elvis Presley sidemen...

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