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Herman's Hermits The Best Of Herman's Hermits (2-CD)

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2-CD DigiPac (6-plated) with 140-page booklet, 66 tracks. Total playing time approx. 172 minutes....more

Herman's Hermits: The Best Of Herman's Hermits (2-CD)

2-CD DigiPac (6-plated) with 140-page booklet, 66 tracks. Total playing time approx. 172 minutes.
  • Herman’s Hermits were one of the most successful artists of the beat music revolution.
  • First comprehensive audio documentation covering their entire career.
  • Classic recordings, demos, first time true stereo mixes and session ephemera.
  • Considerably comprehensive booklet with liner notes, biographies, photos, and ,Herman’s Hermits discography.
In a recording career which began in 1964 and spanned seven hectic years, Herman’s Hermits registered more than 30 worldwide chart entries. Led by vocalist, Peter Noone, ,Herman’s Hermits ,became one of the most consistently successful artists of the beat music revolution. Although hugely popular in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Holland, Australia, Japan and the Philippines, their legacy has never been fully documented until now.

This compilation produced and compiled by respected Grammy nominated producer Ron Furmanek gathers together more than 60 of Herman's Hermits' classic recordings, alongside demos, first time true stereo mixes and session ephemera making this a one-of-a-kind audio anthology.

Among the highlights are I’m Into Something Good, Mrs. Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter, Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat, Wonderful World, Just A Little Bit Better, Listen People, A Must To Avoid, Hold On!, Leaning On A Lamp Post, This Door Swings Both Ways, Dandy, No Milk Today, East-West, There’s A Kind Of Hush, Museum, I Can Take Or Leave Your Loving, Sleepy Joe, Sunshine Girl, My Sentimental FriendandSomething’s Happening.

Presented in a digipac format, this collection features all the usual high standard Bear Family trademarks, a 104-page booklet with new interviews, and liner notes by respected historian Andrew Sandoval, abundant photographs, biographical information and a ,Herman’s Hermits discography of the tracks included.

A Letter from PETER NOONE
Listening to these tracks is as if I am in the studio making them! This is the best I have ever heard my songs sound. What fun it was to be in Herman's Hermits.

Mickie Most was often heard to say that he enjoyed Herman sessions more than any others.
The great camaraderie and friendships through love of a style of music can be heard all over these recordings. I am so proud and happy to have been some of the inspiration for these recordings.
When we first auditioned we were just a group of boys from Manchester England. We recorded I’m Into Something Good in late July 1964. I was 16, Keith Hopwood and Karl Green were 17, Barry Whitwam was 18 and Derek (Lek) Leckenby was 20.

We recorded on our days off and they were few and far between but the sessions were always a highlight as we recorded everything we could play. One day people will look back on the British invasion in the ‘60s as great fun and I am sure I speak for everyone in Herman’s Hermits, we had more fun than any boys in Man- chester ever had. Hope you smile a few times as you listen to OUR STUFF, you will hear a steady progression and an odd laugh as we often did!
Peter Noone 2014

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Herman's Hermits - The Best Of Herman's Hermits (2-CD) CD 1
01Only Last Night (Feb 1964 Demo)Herman's Hermits
02I’m Into Something GoodHerman's Hermits
03Mrs Brown You’ve Got A Lovely DaughtHerman's Hermits
04Kansas City LovingHerman's Hermits
05Sea CruiseHerman's Hermits
06Walkin’ With My AngelHerman's Hermits
07Show Me GirlHerman's Hermits
08I Understand (Just How You Feel)Herman's Hermits
09Mother-In-LawHerman's Hermits
10Your Hand In MineHerman's Hermits
11Thinkin' Of YouHerman's Hermits
12Wonderful WorldHerman's Hermits
13Just A Little Bit BetterHerman's Hermits
14Hold On!Herman's Hermits
15Leaning On The Lamp PostHerman's Hermits
16A Must To AvoidHerman's Hermits
17My Reservation’s Been ConfirmedHerman's Hermits
18The Story Of My LifeHerman's Hermits
19There’s A Kind Of HushHerman's Hermits
20Saturday's ChildHerman's Hermits
21If You’re Thinkin' What I’m Thinkin'Herman's Hermits
22You Won’t Be LeavingHerman's Hermits
23DandyHerman's Hermits
24JezebelHerman's Hermits
25No Milk TodayHerman's Hermits
26Little Miss Sorrow, Child Of TomorroHerman's Hermits
27Gaslite StreetHerman's Hermits
28RattlerHerman's Hermits
29East WestHerman's Hermits
30What Is Right - What Is WrongHerman's Hermits
31Mum & DadHerman's Hermits
32My Sentimental FriendHerman's Hermits
33Years May Come, Years May GoHerman's Hermits
Herman's Hermits - The Best Of Herman's Hermits (2-CD) CD 2
01Thinkin' Of You (Feb 1964 Demo)Herman's Hermits
02Can’t You Hear My HeartbeatHerman's Hermits
03I’m Henry VIII, I AmHerman's Hermits
04The End Of The WorldHerman's Hermits
05For Your LoveHerman's Hermits
06I Gotta Dream OnHerman's Hermits
07Don’t Try To Hurt MeHerman's Hermits
08SilhouettesHerman's Hermits
09I’ll Never Dance AgainHerman's Hermits
10Tell Me BabyHerman's Hermits
11Listen PeopleHerman's Hermits
12Bus StopHerman's Hermits
13Little Boy SadHerman's Hermits
14This Door Swings Both WaysHerman's Hermits
15MuseumHerman's Hermits
16Upstairs DownstairsHerman's Hermits
17Busy LineHerman's Hermits
18Moonshine ManHerman's Hermits
19Green Street GreenHerman's Hermits
20Don’t Go Out Into The Rain (You’re Gonna Melt)Herman's Hermits
21I Call Out Her NameHerman's Hermits
22The London LookHerman's Hermits
23The Colder It GetsHerman's Hermits
24A Year Ago TodayHerman's Hermits
25I Can Take Or Leave Your LovingHerman's Hermits
26Sleepy JoeHerman's Hermits
27Just One GirlHerman's Hermits
28Sunshine GirlHerman's Hermits
29Something's HappeningHerman's Hermits
30Here Comes The StarHerman's Hermits
31It’s Alright NowHerman's Hermits
32Smile PleaseHerman's Hermits
33Bet Yer Life I DoHerman's Hermits
Herman's Hermits A Spot of ‘Ermits ‘Istory The word 'underrated' gets... more
"Herman's Hermits"

Herman's Hermits

A Spot of ‘Ermits ‘Istory

The word 'underrated' gets bandied about in music journalism almost as much as something being the work of 'genius.' Quite frequently neither tag is correctly applied to the art at hand. Still, with everyone vying for attention (or sympathy), hyperbole wins out every time. So, it is with heavy heart and cap in hand that I share with you a little history on a band called Herman’s Hermits, who I think may be the most underrated pop combo of the 1960’s.

While many of their similarly chartbusting and culturally uncool contemporaries have received a retroactive critical reappraisal, this Manchester mob have never truly “had their day.” This collection is perhaps the most comprehensive study of the band recorded work and is but a glimpse at the sheer volume of great tracks they made during six very hectic years. It is undoubtedly a testament to their unique chemistry with producer Mickie Most that they created so many great and refreshingly unpretentious discs.

In 1963, The Heartbeats were one of several dozen gigging beat bands working the clubs and dance halls of Northern England. With the addition of vocalist Peter Noone, this combo became professionally known as Pete Novak and The Heartbeats. The charismatic Noone was fresh from his appearances in the British soap opera, Coronation Street (in 1961 and 1962), and at the ripe old age of fifteen, was something of a show business veteran.

Adopting managers Harvey Lisberg and Charlie Silverman, the group changed their collective name to Herman And The Hermits (Herman being short for Sherman of Bullwinkle fame). Trivia aside, Lisberg and Silverman were not only managers, but also a songwriting team with aspirations to make records. In the band they found a talented commodity to hawk their songs to an unsuspecting public.

“That was my idea originally,” explains Lisberg. “I wrote some songs and I said to my friend, ‘Charlie, let’s get them to The Beatles,’ because we thought [our songs] were brilliant. Well, they weren’t. We had mad ideas.” Truth be told, their songs were pretty good and their symbiotic relationship with the Hermits took on new life when they attracted the interest of some established record producers. “We thought Herman And The Hermits was the greatest band in the world,” proclaims Lisberg. “So, I was very positive (laughs). Reality didn’t have anything to do with it. I believed in them so much. I was a 100% believer and everybody else just laughed. They just thought I was mad.”

“Within 100 miles of where we lived, we had a huge following,” says Noone of these early days. “A big following in Manchester, Liverpool and those kinds of places. The following was based on the repertoire of the band – ‘I’ll Never Dance Again’ and ‘Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter’ – [but] we hadn’t stretched out into this other thing of making records. We were a live band who dreamed that one day we’d make a record. But, really, what we wanted was more work.”

And that’s where Lisberg & Silverman entered as if on cue, with work at the ready. “These managers came along and decided that what would really move us to the next thing was to make a record. We were aspiring to a band who played live really well. That’s all. Records were something that would come probably one day, like Nat King Cole.

“They said, ‘We’ve written this song.’ And we listened to them and said, ‘We can probably do that.’ There were other people before us where the managers wrote all the stuff.” In March 1964, Herman And The Hermits (as they were still known) traveled to London to record with producer, Ron Richards. Perhaps it was his work with another Manchester group, The Hollies, that had led them to his door, but the results (heard here for the very first time on “Only Last Night” written by their managers and another by a friend of the group’s, “Thinkin’ Of You”) also led them out the same one they came in through.

On the advice of a second producer, Mickie Most (during a rumored demo session for Lisberg & Silverman’s “Your Hand In Mine”), the managers were told to replace the Herman's Hermits’ rhythm section if they wanted the band to make it. Such was Most’s to-the-point advice that only weeks later, Hermits’ Alan Wrigley and Steve Titterington were history.

On April 1, 1964, drummer Barry Whitwam and guitarist Derek “Lek” Leckenby joined and solidified the unit with Karl Green moving to bass and Keith Hopwood holding down the rhythm guitar post. Lek reportedly inspired the group’s next creative coups: Herman And The Hermits he thought sounded too “old fashioned,” and so they became simply Herman’s Hermits.

Despite swift action and the frenetic pace of the music scene in general, it wouldn’t be until July 1964 that Mickie Most would bother to see the Hermits again. He was busy in the studio with The Animals; their second 45, “House Of The Rising Sun,” would go on release in June. The same month, Most issued The Nashville Teens’ take on “Tobacco Road” and suddenly he was the biggest independent record producer in Britain. Not only did he produce the records, he licensed the recordings to the major labels and promoted them through his own company. Most importantly, he had an actual production credit on each disc, something of a rarity at that time in England.

A plane ticket and managerial pestering finally brought Most back in touch with band. Catching the band at the Beachcomber Club in Bolton, he laid the song on them that provide their big break. Originally a U.S. hit for Earl-Jean on the Colpix label, “I’m Into Something Good,” was written, produced & arranged by the husband and wife team, Gerry Goffin & Carole King. Mickie had picked the song as a hit; now it was up to the Hermits to make it one.

“I can remember,” says Noone, “we went to this little place that we rehearsed at in Manchester. And we just played it over and over, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times, and developed a new version of it. If you listen to the bass player’s part, he’s playing the melody to ‘How Do You Do It?’ We brought all this magical pop to this song. Karl and Keith had a magical [vocal blend]. They weren’t real full-on singers, so they didn’t get in the way. They were true background singers; guys who [could] go ‘Ooo, one-night stand.’

“Mickie liked to tell the story that he saw [my] picture and [thought] Peter Noone looked like Bobby Kennedy. And he wanted to sign the band based on this picture. He was then the Svengali-esque producer that said, ‘Try this, try this, try this.’ And for me, it was a magical thing, because Mickie Most and I spoke the same musical language. I would go to his house, and his wife would sit down with a guitar and they’d sing ‘Devoted to You’ by the Everly Brothers.

Herman's Hermits The Best Of Herman's Hermits (2-CD)
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Customer evaluation for "The Best Of Herman's Hermits (2-CD)"
8 Jun 2020

Klasse Compilation

Die Qualität - wie immer bei Baar Family- sehr gut in allen Belangen. Das große Booklet! Und natürlich die Musik - für mich auch überraschend, wieviel gute Songs die Hermits früher produzierten ... man kennt ja meist nur die Hits aus der Zeit ... und da ist nun viel mehr zu entdecken!
Alles in allem: sicher die beste Möglichkeit, Hermans Hermits zu sich ins Haus zu holen, dank Bear Family.

30 Jun 2015

Höchste Punktzahl.

Eclipsed 7-8/2015 "Beide CDs enthalten 66 Stücke, wobei das 140-seitige Booklet von Bear Family mal wieder die höchste Punktzahl verdient."

16 Jun 2015

140 Seiten Booklet!

Rolling Stone 6/15 "Auf den 140 Seiten der beiligenden Broschüre erfährt man über die Band mehr, als man je zu fragen wagte."

31 May 2015


I'm playing cd now. The sound is so damn good!!!! I have every greatest hits and best of and they all sound like crap. This on the other hand is something i've been waiting for. Love the longer fadeouts too. Thank you so much. Hope theres more to come. GREAT GREAT JOB.

27 May 2015

hermans hermits 50th

Thank you to the bear family for this great 2 disc set.
Have been waiting decades for this. I really like the tracks that have a longer fadeout and some that have a count in. I have been looking for longer version of no milk today and now i've found it. Looking for years. Was wondering if these tracks are coming to HQ stereo anytime soon- Wings of love from best of vol.3. my old dutch,dial my number,L'autre jour,the future mrs. 'Awkins,and two lovley black eyes from both sides of hermans hermits. I sure hope so. Again to the bear family thank you from a 60 year old guy who's health is not all that great feel a whole lot better.

9 May 2015

Fantastic cd

Well what can i say about this collection as an avid fan i am always excited when any thing comes out with new unrealsed songs on.
When emi released the 4cd set in 2008 titled hermans hermits & peter noone into something good the mickie most years 1964-1972

I got a copy within days as it had songs on that i never had known before it also had a liner hotes and a few words by peter noone

As with this 2cd set a letter by peter noone i would love it to have had a few notes from barry,karl, keith after all they was there too yet they never get asked WHY ?

Also why has no one released any of hermams hermits at abbey road ? And at the bbc so much unreleased material and iam informed original guitarist keith hopwood is trying to get all the material hermans hermits performed at the bbc released

Why is it so hard to get this stuff released any other artist no problem yet this was the band that out sold the beatles in 1965
Not even cliff/ the shadows could do that
So i would like to say a big thank you to the bear family for this 2 cd set with unreleased rarities and a fantastic book with so much information i give it 10 out of 10
I am now praying with all the unreleased rarities still in the vaults get issued it would have been great to have all of this done last year in there 50th year anniversary but as most critics still do not give any credit for what hermans hermits achieved as a band not sure if this will ever gat done fingers crossed
Perhaps the bear family could be the ones to bring out more unreleased raities once again many thanks for such a fantastic package

19 Apr 2015

Thank You for the Hermits!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting out the Herman's Hermits 2-cd box. This was a favorite group of mine in the '60s and I never thought I'd be hearing these songs in stereo! The stereo, and in most cases longer mixes, are stunning and I can't thank you guys enough. Hopefully you'll put the rest of the Hermits catalogue in the future. Keep up the great work.

3 Apr 2015

Das ist einfach Spitze!!

Das hier in Rede stehende Album im Digipack-Format bietet auf zwei CDs insgesamt 66 Titel, wobei alle chartplatzierten Songs der "Herman's Hermits" von 1964 bis 1970 in bestem Stereo-Sound und digitally remastered zu finden sind. Und noch mehr: B-Seiten und Promitions-Singles, ja vieles bisher nie Veröffentlichte ist auf diesen Scheiben zu finden. Das Ganze ist schon ein Hörgenuß der besonderen Art, den es betreffend die Gruppe "Herman's Hermits" so bisher noch nie auf CD gab. Und dazu ein (herausnehmbares) Inlay-Bokklet (in englischer Sprache)
mit ausführlichen Details zu jedem Cut und zur musikalischen Geschichte der "Herman's Hermits", reichlich bebildert und umfassend dokumentiert. Auch das gab es so noch nie!
Und alles zu einem absolut günstigen Preis – das ist einfach Spitze und stellt eine Rundum-Kaufempfehlung dar.
Wer sich dieses bemerkenswerte Album zulegt, sollte aber seine bisher von dieser Gruppe erworbenen Platten, die in der Regel in Mono gehalten sind, nicht einfach beiseite legen.
Denn auch die Mono-Aufnahmen all der Hits, die Bear Family nun in Stereo anbietet, haben ihren Reiz und klingen zuweilen voluminöser, ja voller als ihre Stereo-Parallelen. Ich denke da an die heute noch erhältliche (Mono-) CD :"The Best Of" aus 2008 von EMI und an die ebenfalls heute noch erhätliche (Mono-) CD "Their Greatest Hits" von 1987, digitally remastered, von Abkco Music and Records.
"The Ultimate Collection" von Bear Family Records aus 2015, wovon hier die Rede ist,
verdient rundum 10 Punkte – das ist allerbeste Musik zu einem hervorragenden Preis.

26 Feb 2015


I haven't even purchased this CD set, but with Ron Fumanek and his thorough stereo investigation, I know it will be nothing but great to listen to!! It is sad it took this long. I do believe I spotted Mr. Noone at Amazon over another Hermits' CD set with (1) stereo track!!
Many thanks to you and Bear Family for this great, overdue publication!!

18 Feb 2015

56 tracks are promised to appear for the very first time in true stereo mixes.

Bear Family Records is into something good!

On March 27, the reissue specialists will unveil The Best of Herman’s Hermits: The 50th Anniversary Anthology, a two-CD, 66-song collection including all of the band’s classic hit records plus demos, B-sides, rarities and a 140-page (!) booklet. For this set which totals almost three hours of music, a whopping 56 tracks are promised to appear for the very first time in true stereo mixes.

Herman’s Hermits burst onto the pop scene with their 1964 revival of “I’m Into Something Good,” a Carole King and Gerry Goffin composition originally recorded by Earl-Jean of the Cookies earlier that year. “Something Good” topped the U.K. charts and placed a respectable No. 13 in the U.S. It launched a successful series of singles on both sides of the Atlantic which revealed the British Invasion in full swing: “Silhouettes,” “I’m Henry the VIII , I Am,” “Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat,” “Listen, People,” “Dandy” and of course, “Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter.” Led by Peter Noone (or Herman), the band boasted the considerable talents of Keith Hopwood, Derek Leckenby, Karl Green and Barry Whitwam. While session players including John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page contributed to the Hermits’ records, producer Mickie Most has confirmed that the band played on many of their own most successful recordings. All told, Herman and his Hermits scored eleven U.S. Top 10 hits between 1964 and 1967 and 30 international hits.

All songs appear here in true stereo for the first time ever, with the exception of the following eight (which have previously been released in poor stereo sound): “A Must To Avoid,” “There’s a Kind of Hush,” “Museum,” “Upstairs, Downstairs,” “Busy Line,” “Green Street Green,” “Don’t Go Out Into the Rain” and “Mum and Dad.”
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Herman's Hermits - The Best Of Herman's Hermits (2-CD) CD 1
01 Only Last Night (Feb 1964 Demo)
02 I’m Into Something Good
03 Mrs Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daught
04 Kansas City Loving
05 Sea Cruise
06 Walkin’ With My Angel
07 Show Me Girl
08 I Understand (Just How You Feel)
09 Mother-In-Law
10 Your Hand In Mine
11 Thinkin' Of You
12 Wonderful World
13 Just A Little Bit Better
14 Hold On!
15 Leaning On The Lamp Post
16 A Must To Avoid
17 My Reservation’s Been Confirmed
18 The Story Of My Life
19 There’s A Kind Of Hush
20 Saturday's Child
21 If You’re Thinkin' What I’m Thinkin'
22 You Won’t Be Leaving
23 Dandy
24 Jezebel
25 No Milk Today
26 Little Miss Sorrow, Child Of Tomorro
27 Gaslite Street
28 Rattler
29 East West
30 What Is Right - What Is Wrong
31 Mum & Dad
32 My Sentimental Friend
33 Years May Come, Years May Go
Herman's Hermits - The Best Of Herman's Hermits (2-CD) CD 2
01 Thinkin' Of You (Feb 1964 Demo)
02 Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat
03 I’m Henry VIII, I Am
04 The End Of The World
05 For Your Love
06 I Gotta Dream On
07 Don’t Try To Hurt Me
08 Silhouettes
09 I’ll Never Dance Again
10 Tell Me Baby
11 Listen People
12 Bus Stop
13 Little Boy Sad
14 This Door Swings Both Ways
15 Museum
16 Upstairs Downstairs
17 Busy Line
18 Moonshine Man
19 Green Street Green
20 Don’t Go Out Into The Rain (You’re Gonna Melt)
21 I Call Out Her Name
22 The London Look
23 The Colder It Gets
24 A Year Ago Today
25 I Can Take Or Leave Your Loving
26 Sleepy Joe
27 Just One Girl
28 Sunshine Girl
29 Something's Happening
30 Here Comes The Star
31 It’s Alright Now
32 Smile Please
33 Bet Yer Life I Do