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Hardrock Gunter: Jukebox Help Me Find My Baby - Fiddle Bop (7inch, 45rpm, SC, PS)
Art-Nr.: 45RRC2006

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(Rollercoaster Records) 2 tracks 1956 - picture sleeve - small centerhole.  - 'This is Rock Gunter from Denver, Colorado; my address is actually Golden, a town which nestles at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, which is about 18 miles from the heart of...

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HARDROCK GUNTER: Gonna Rock & Roll, Gonna Dance All Night (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDROLL3013

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Hardrock Gunter Gonna Rock’N’Roll, Gonna Dance All Night! Hardrock Gunter, the man who put the bounce in Birmingham, who danced all night like lovers do to the honky-tonk blues with his perfect woman. The sixty minute man who went wild to the fiddle bop, and...

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Hardrock Gunter: We're Gonna Rock & Roll 7inch, 45rpm, EP
Art-Nr.: 45RCEP118

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Single (7 Inch) on ROLLERCOASTER RECORDS by Hardrock Gunter - We're Gonna Rock & Roll 7inch, 45rpm, EP

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HARDROCK GUNTER: I'll Give 'Em Rhythm
Art-Nr.: CDBCK27108

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Klasse Veröffentlichung mit original King, Decca, MGM, Longhorn, Starday, Gee und Seeco Aufnahmen 1951 bis 1962 - 29 rare Titel plus Booklet mit Anmerkungen von Hardrock und raren Fotos aus seiner Privatsammlung (8 Seiten) CD includes his King, Decca, MGM, Longhorn,...

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