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Nana Gualdi

Nana Gualdi

When Nana Gualdi sang the love of the young people, she was already 26 years old and experienced in love. She had even sung songs in which the prudish society of the 1950s listened with irritation: "Don't talk about love on the phone, because I already know what you want from me." Two of her hits (Oh and Baisez-moi) even got on the index at times. Nana Gualdi's voice was also perceived as sexy compared to some of her colleagues' good singing at the time. Today one would say that Adriana Gualdi, born on 29 April 1932 in Basel as the daughter of an Italian conductor and a Hamburg native, was already emancipated at that time. Her appearance was a bit like the US actress Barbara Stanwyck, a blonde type who was well received in the 1950s. Her parents, who actually wanted her to become an actress, agreed to study singing when they noticed the excellent quality of her voice.

However, the scholarship she received in Hamburg was cancelled when she performed the song Open The Door, Richard at a party at the Hotel Atlantic in 1949. Two members who danced at the ball thought: "Swing doesn't get along with Mozart!" But the pop singer Fred Weyrich also witnessed her performance, soon after inviting her to a recording at Berlin's Odeon Studio. Performances at NWDR, recordings with the Hansen Quartet and the Starlets established her in the pop scene of the early 1950s. She was now inseparable with her colleague Jo Menke, whom she married in 1954 when their son was already on the road. That same year Decca released her record Wenn du mir was tun tun, tun me was Liebes an.

When she recorded Doris Day's huge hit Everybody Loves A Lover for Philips, she was already divorced from Jo Menke and engaged with the orchestra director Benny de Weille. Vocally, Nana Gualdi didn't need to hide love from Doris Day in Junge Leute, but she oriented herself pretty much on her version. In the German pop parade she even came 5th, while Doris Day had to make do with 15th place. Love remained her main hit motif: together with Owen Williams she recorded Ria Solar's popular melody d'amour (see also Angèle Durand) and with her Philips colleague Werner Overheidt she sang on a total of five singles, e.g. It is so nice to be in love.

According to her own statement, however, she earned the most money with the popular song Drei weiße Birken, for which she went with Kurt Stephan to the Friedrich-Ebert-Halle in Hamburg-Harburg for recording in 1960, here as'Monika und Peter'. In 1965 she participated in the German preliminary round of the Eurovision Grand Prix. In the 80s, when she was only engaged as a singer for oldie galas, she remembered her acting skills and played on Hamburg stages until 1990. In 1991 she became a lecturer for design and interpretation in the field of chanson at the Sängerakademie Hamburg. Musical performances and solo programs ensured her continued popularity in show business. Nana Gualdi died in Tyrol on 11 July 2007.

Nana Gualdi Junge Leute brauchen Liebe

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Darum träum' ich nur von dir - 50 grosse Erfolge (2-CD) Nana Gualdi: Darum träum' ich nur von dir - 50 grosse... Art-Nr.: CD8061996

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Darum träum' ich nur von dir - 50 grosse Erfolge (2-CD)
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