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Tiny Grimes: Loch Lomond (1947-53)
Art-Nr.: KM706

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-Loch Lomond (1947-53) Whiskey etc.

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Tiny Grimes And His Rockin' Highlanders: Tiny Grimes And His Rocking Highlanders Volume Two
Art-Nr.: LPKK817

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(1987 / Krazy Kat) 14 tracks. Liner notes on the back cover by Tony Burke. Includes some unreleased title and takes. Those familiar with Volume One will find this set an indispensable companion, and if you ain't heard Tiny Grimes and His Rockin' Highlanders yet. both...

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Tiny Grimes: The Complete, Vol.3 - 1950-1954 (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDBM6007

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(1995/Blue Moon) 19 tracks

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