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The Gin Palace Jesters: For Better Or For Worse
Art-Nr.: CDGPJ001

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(2015/Gin Palace Jesters) 15 tracks - The first album of the Gin Palace Jesters since 2008! Down to earth Country music like you still can hear in many Juke Joints and Honky Tonks and way far from the overproduced soulless stuff Nashville throws cross the borders and...

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Art-Nr.: CDRBR5616

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(2004/RBR) 15 tracks produced by Sean Mencher (who appears with Rosie Flores on track 5) in Nashville, this a fine platter of first class Country Boogie & Swingin' Honky Tonk tunes with a slappin' Rockabilly touch !

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GIN PALACE JESTERS: Roadhouse Riot ...And Other Songs With Words
Art-Nr.: CDRBR7005

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(2008/RHYTHM BOMB) 14 tracks - superb, easy goin' new album of Hillbilly & Swingin' Honky Tonk stuff; Gute Laune Scheibe - Top!sk Eines der vielen Highlights ist 'Ol' Webb's Bullhorn Pontiac', ein Tribut Song an den mit Pistolen, Silberdollars und anderem Kitsch...

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