Exclusive Gift Ideas

...also looking for the right gift (not only for Christmas) and with the offer just a little overtaxed or no time? Or even worse, "I don't know about that"!

Then look here, we have sorted the gift ideas in the different areas according to the degree of "craziness", so for the beginner to the fan - up to the total collector/nerd (...who already has (almost) everything anyway).
We have interviewed our nerds in our house and here is the result and now have fun giving.

Just click on ⬅ on the left under gift ideas on Elvis, Country, Rock'n'Roll, Schlager, Blues or Beat/Pop then the navigation opens and you can choose between

1) Beginners - music you have to have
2) Fan - Special for music lovers
3) Collectors/Nerds who already (almost) have everything
4) VINYL Lovers Only

Level 42: Something About You - The Collection (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSPEC2201

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(Polydor) 17 tracks In Mark King, Level 42 boasted one of the best bass players on the planet. Beginning as a jazz-funk band with roots in the Isle of Wight, they quickly evolved into one of the most accomplished British pop acts of the 1980s. This 17-track...

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Andrew Burman: Schnaps Rag - Metronome Records (Emailleschild 25cm - 10inch)
Art-Nr.: SIGN517

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(Custom-made) High-quality enamel sign, 700 grams, 25cm diameter with two holes for wall mounting.

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Bill Ramsey & Jean-Louis Rassinfosse: Send In The Clowns - Bill Ramsey and Jean-Louis Rassinfosse
Art-Nr.: CDSL0004

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(2005/Swingland) 17 Titel (54:35) Jean-Louis and I met at a concert in Hildesheim, on December 12', 1999. We hit it off, right from the start. He was playing bass for my backup group, the 'Oliver - Gross - Quartett', and the two of us had a great time trading fours...

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