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The German Bonds were founded in 1962. In December 1963, they came in second behind the Four Renders in the Star Club competition.

Dieter Horns: "One day later Peter Hecht had to go to the spa. He had bronchial something and was sent to Sylt and was not there. Now the recordings of the Rock and Beat Band Competition record were made a few days later. Probably because the actual recordings had come to nothing due to all this nervousness and hectic. Now the same tracks were recorded again in the same room, but without an audience. And Hecht wasn't there. There was, of course, a hell of a fuss. Weissleder, the boss of the Star-Club, didn't like it at all, went completely crazy when he found out that we had started without a piano. When Jürgen Bock also didn't show up on another occasion after the birth of his daughter, we were released from the Star Club contract. For us the world collapsed. Then drummer Jürgen Isenbart talked to Weissleder and we were allowed to make the recordings after all. Barthold Dunker, the Bats' pianist, stood in for Hecht. But the cover photo shows the Bats' bass player because he has dark hair, not blond like Barthold."

When Weissleder realized that the Bats were not as unreliable as he had first suspected, he took them on. The fees went up immediately, and something else happened, too. In July 1964, for example, the German Bonds appeared with Tony Sheridan, the Four Renders and the Phantom Brothers at the Iron Door Club in Liverpool on the occasion of a social trip by the Star Club. However, the tour of England agreed upon during this guest appearance failed because of the vigilant border officials in Dover.

The policemen were very nice and offered tea, but did not let the Bonds enter the country without a work permit, which, surprisingly, Weissleder had not taken care of either. The boss got them a substitute job at the Star-Club Flensburg, for which they finally became professionals. The Star-Club boss, who mostly stayed in the background, was always on hand to give the German Bonds advice and support. For example, he prompted them to take Peter Hecht's talent into account in their choice of repertoire and, like the Checkmates, to perform instrumental titles in the classical style, such as Sonata Facile. Not only the repertoire, but also the image of the Bonds was exceptional, as were their hairstyles and stage attire.

The most successful line-up of the Bonds consisted of Rainer Degner (guitar, vocals), Peter Hecht (keyboards), Dieter Horns (bass, vocals), Peter 'Peet' Becker (drums).

This formation also recorded Sonata Facile directly after a night spent at the Star Club at eight in the morning. In Hamburg, the German Bonds were considered a 'musician's musicians group'. In Munich, where they played at the PN-Hithouse for a few months, they were the absolute darlings of the audience, even beating the Hollies to the wall at the Circus Krone Bau.

Horns: "The Hollies were really pissed off. Only Graham Nash, he had a casual chat with us."

There was a cinema pre-film with the Bonds, there were tours with well-known colleagues such as Sam The Sham And The Pharaos (Wooly Bully) and The Troggs (Wild Thing), there were TV appearances, among others in the Beat Club, and there were further recordings for Polydor and Fontana as well as a lot of reshuffling (see family tree). The German Bonds evolved into the group Lucifer's Friend in 1970. Dieter Horns is still active as a musician. Peter Hecht is a painter in Sweden, and Rainer Degner lives and works in Berlin. Peet Becker died in 1997.

Since 1981 there is the Bonds '81, which in 1998 Peter Hesslein (guitar, vocals) (ex-Giants), Kurt 'Zappo' Lüngen (bass, vocals) (ex-Rattles/Ex-Giants) and Niels Taby (drums, vocals) (ex-German Bonds) belonged. In the meantime, Piggy Jarnach was also with the group.

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