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Silvio Francesco

Silvio Francesco

The fans of Caterina Valente had to settle for Silvio Francesco, whether they wanted to or not. Since the middle of the 50's the two often came in double pack - both in the film, as for example in'Liebe, Tanz und 1000 Schlager','Bonjour, Kathrin' or'Du bist Musik', and on records, as for example on Steig in the dream boat of love. The little brother was now with us more and more often. It was for family reasons: Together with Silvio Francesco Valente (born July 13, 1927 in Paris) she trained as a child for performances with her parents. In Paris they even tried their hand at Gilbert Bécaud as a trio. The three and a half year younger brother was always particularly close to her and she knew how important it was to get him out of the sphere of influence of the overpowering mother. Caterina had also promised the terminally ill father.

For Silvio Francesco Valente, the famous sister was certainly the unique opportunity to step into the spotlight without her mother. But now he always had the strong sister at his side. Their greatest success together, Steig in das Traumboot der Liebe from the film'Bonjour, Kathrin' was released under the name'Club Indonesia', which also did not exactly serve as a springboard for Silvio's solo career. The song written by Heinz Gietz and Kurt Feltz in their Hawaii tradition was rather associated with Caterina Valente and let him stay in the background - even if they sang here in perfect harmony. Besides Ganz Paris dreams of love and Where my sun shines, Steig developed into the dream boat of love into the trademark of the Valente. The hit, which was also satirised as the'dinghy of shoots', had little to do with their image. She was never associated with sex, even though she was adored by fans of both sexes. Rather, she acted like the always funny clown who made faces for the audience.

The big brother often acted as a partner in their clowning - as he did when the Valente family was on stage. Silvio Francesco and his sister continued the'Club' series on Polydor and later on Decca with Club Italia (How about it, 1955), Club Argentina (O Billy Boy, 1956), Club Manhattan (I'll never leave you alone again, 1958), Club Jamaika (Jamaica-Mama/Milk of the Coconut, 1959), Club Romantica (Bells of Love, 1960), Club Honolulu (Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Honolulu Beach Bikini, 1960), Catrin's Madison Club (Madison in Mexico), and they swam together on the twist wave (Peppermint-Twist, Popocatepetl-Twist). Caterina's brother was also allowed to sing along with her and Peter Alexander on Kurt Feltz's tourism promotion song Komm ein etwas etwas nach Italien. Francesco's independent successes were Babachi (1956) and Hello, Mary Lou (1961). He honored his sister with the Perry como song Caterina. He also recorded several duets with Margot Eskens, the last one in 1977, "Don't think about tomorrow when you're with me. He died in Lugano on 20 August 2000.

Silvio Francesco Caterina
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Silvio Francesco Caterina
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