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Ernie Tennessee Ford

Geboren als Ernest Jennings Ford am 13.2.1919 in Bristol, Tennessee, gestorben am 17.10.1991 in Reston, Virginia. Amerikanische Country-Größe, zwischen 1949 und 1976 mit 29 Hits in den Country & Western-Charts plaziert (u. a. 'Mule Train', 'The Shot Gun Boogie' und 'Sixteen Tons', alle auf Rang 1). In den Pop-Listen war Ernie Tennessee Ford von 1956 bis 1969 mit zehn Hits vertreten, auch hier stand 'Sixteen Tons' auf Rang 1. In den 30er und 40er Jahren arbeitete er für diverse Radiostationen in Knoxville, San Bernadino und Pasadena. 1949 unterschrieb er einen Vertrag bei Capitol, wo er - neben seinen Solo-Aktivitäten - auch Duette mit Kay Starr, Molly Bee, Ella Mae Morse und den Dinning Sisters aufnahm.

Ernie Tennessee Ford war Gastgeber mehrerer TV-Shows, schwenkte vorübergehend auch ins Gospel-Lager um. 1990 wurde er in die Country Music Hall Of Fame aufgenommen. 'Eins, zwei, drei' beschreibt im Mischtext Fords Erlebnisse mit einer haushaltsorientierten Lebensabschnittsgefährtin aus der Schweiz (woher auch sonst?!). Was aber begeisterte Ernie dermaßen an seiner Alpen-Affäre? Wahrscheinlich die leckere Wechsel-Verpflegung, sprachliche Mixed Pickles: 'Eins, zwei, drei, she bakes me lots of Strude - 5- eins, zwei, drei, Sauerkraut und Nudels.``

Aus dem Bear Family Buch - 1000 Nadelstiche von Bernd Matheja - BFB10025 -



Tennessee Ernie Ford: Portrait Of An American Singer (Bear Family Records) Five-Cd And Book Boxed Set Scores Grammy Nomination For Best Album Notes


Ted Olson, traditional country music scholar and professor at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tenn. a stone’s throw from Bristol, Tenn. — country music’s birthplace and the hometown of Tennessee Ernie Ford — was producer and annotator of the Ford set.


BRISTOL, Tenn. — Tennessee Ernie Ford (1919-1991) sold an estimated 90 million albums worldwide, and charted 17 Top Ten country singles and four Top Ten pop singles over a 35-year recording career. He also played significant roles in radio and television broadcasting.  But although he left a legacy of diverse and singular recordings and was a major influence on the generation of country and rock musicians that emerged in his wake, Ford’s stature as a culture figure receded from view to the point that recent generations have not recognized his name or his music. 


Tennessee Ernie Ford: Portrait of an American Singer, a 2015 boxed set from Bear Family Records featuring 5-CDs and a hardcover book, has gone a long way toward rehabilitating Ford’s reputation as a pioneering crossover artist and as an early shaper of rock ’n’ roll.  That set has now been nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best Album Notes category. The album notes writer for the new Tennessee Ernie Ford set, Ted Olson, also served as producer of the release. 


Journalist and author Barry Mazor wrote in The Wall Street Journal: “Ford’s adventurous 1949-1960 secular recordings for Capitol Records are the focus of a new, enormously entertaining 154-track boxed set, Tennessee Ernie Ford: Portrait of an American Singer (Bear Family Records). Music historian Ted Olson’s detailed notes track this ‘stellar singer who refused to let arbitrary genre rules dictate how he should interpret a song.’ The records themselves, though, as they evolve in production and performance, ultimately tell the rich story.”


The online music magazine The Second Disc praised the release:  “Bear Family’s presentation of Portrait of an American Singer is naturally exquisite in the label’s traditional fashion.  The LP-sized box houses its five discs in individual jewel cases with unique artwork and track listings.  The accompanying hardcover book written by the set’s producer, Ted Olson, would be worth the price of admission on its own. With more than 125 pages, it includes a remarkable text that amounts to a biography of Ford even beyond the period covered in the set.  This exceptional essay is joined by an array of photographs from the Ford family archives, plus detailed track-by-track liner notes (a rarity even among Bear Family boxes!), and an expectedly comprehensive discography by Bear Family’s Richard Weize and Russ Wapensy. Though the focus here is on Ford’s secular material (he would later immerse himself even more fully in gospel and spiritual recordings), the track-by-track notes and discography even address the sides which aren’t included. Ulf Hattwig’s remastering is superb.”


Ford launched his recording career in the late 1940s within the Country & Western field, and scored a dozen Top 20 country chart hits through the end of 1951. Yet within that same period he placed half a dozen Top 20 hits on the pop singles chart, demonstrating to his label, Capitol Records, and to disc jockeys and fans across the U.S. that there was broad appeal for his music.  In the early months of 1955, Ford’s version of “The Ballad of Davy Crockett” was a top five hit on the country chart as well as on the pop chart, foreshadowing Ford’s ultimate crossover achievement. Toward the end of that same year, his smash single “Sixteen Tons” topped both charts simultaneously, and rose to #1 in the U.K.  That release sold more than four million copies, and proved to be one of the most influential singles of the 1950s, inspiring many among the next generation in the U.S. and the U.K. to pursue careers in music. Becoming Ford’s signature song, “Sixteen Tons” was eventually inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame and into the National Recording Registry.


After “Sixteen Tons,” Ford could not compete with the younger upstarts of the rock ’n’ roll era (only two of his releases after “Sixteen Tons” rose into the Top 40 pop chart), yet he had already shown all comers — from Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis to Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, and Glen Campbell — that an artist need not be limited by an artistic persona shaped in previous performances and recordings. For younger musicians wanting to be unbound by any fixed artistic identity, Ford was a worthy and proven role model, and the fascinating story of his life and career is conveyed in Portrait of an American Singer through Ford’s innovative, influential recordings and through Olson’s comprehensive, compelling notes.


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Tennessee Ernie Ford: Songs Of The Civil War
Art-Nr.: BCD16635

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1-CD DigiPac (6-seitig) mit 64-seitigem Booklet (incl. all lyrics.), 24 Einzeltitel, Spieldauer 71:14 Minuten. Few historical anniversaries gripped America’s interest as fervently as the Civil War Centennial did in 1961-1965. Feature stories on the War Between the...

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Tennessee Ernie Ford: Sixteen Tons
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1-CD with 16-page booklet, 25 tracks. Playing time approx. 61 mns. Tennessee Ernie was a fixture of the country music scene in Los Angeles when he recorded these tracks between 1949 and 1959. This is a collector's choice sweep through Ernie's groundbreaking uptempo...

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Tennessee Ernie Ford: Farmyard Boogie
Art-Nr.: CDSEE262

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(1990/See For Miles) 20 tracks, original Capitol recordings, 1950-53!

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Tennessee Ernie Ford: Farmyard Boogie - Tennessse Ernie Ford And Friends (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPSEE262

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(1989/See For Miles) 20 original Capitol masters 1950-53 feat. Ella Mae Morse, Kay Starr, Molly Bee and The Dinning Sisters.

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Tennessee Ernie Ford: Portrait Of An American Singer 1949-1960 (5-CD)
Art-Nr.: BCD17332

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2016 Grammy nomination for Bear Family's, Tennessee Ernie Ford - Portrait Of An American Singer 1949-1960 (5-CD) Box set 5-CD boxed set (LP-size) with 120-page hardcover book, 154 tracks. Total playing time approx.. 397 minutes. •    All the...

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Tennessee Ernie Ford: Sixteen Tons and other favorites
Art-Nr.: LPHAT3118

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(1980s/Stetson) 12 tracks, original Capitol recordings 1953-60. 1980s repro of the 1960 Capitol LP album. 

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Tennessee Ernie Ford: Greatest Hits (CD)
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(1995/Cema) 10 tracks

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Tennessee Ernie Ford: Spirituals (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSHD2522

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(2003/SPRING HOUSE) 12 original EMI recordings A fantastic Gospel album by Mr. '16 Tons'!!/ Schönes Gospelalbum des Country Stars, der mit '16 Tons' 1956 für Furore sorgte!!

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Tennessee Ernie Ford: Ernie Sings Glen Picks (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDC232466

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(1995/Liberty) 10 tracks

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Tennessee Ernie Ford: Vintage Collections
Art-Nr.: CDP54319

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CD on CAPITOL RECORDS by Tennessee Ernie Ford - Vintage Collections

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Tennessee Ernie Ford: Amazing Grace: 14 Treasured Hymns
Art-Nr.: CD489772

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(2014/Spring House) 13 tracks.

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Tennessee Ernie Ford: The EP
Art-Nr.: CDSEE733

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(2001/SEE FOR MILES) 30 tracks

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Tennessee Ernie Ford: 6000 Sunset Boulevard - 1953 Hollywood Radio (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSC11204

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(2009/SUNDAZED) 23 tracks (48:07) digipac with 6 page booklet and mini-poster (folded). A stunning Rollercoaster ride through the Great American Songbook, recorded at Western Recorders, Hollywood,CA featuring Speedy West, Billy Strange, George Bruns a.o.

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Tennessee Ernie Ford: Show Time (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDD530

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(2016/B.A.C.M.) 32 tracks <br> Radio + Capitol Recordings.

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Tennessee Ernie Ford: Greatest - Shot Gun Boogie
Art-Nr.: CDJAS3553

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CD on JASMINE RECORDS by Tennessee Ernie Ford - Greatest - Shot Gun Boogie

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Tennessee Ernie Ford: 20 Golden Greats (Vinyl LP)
Art-Nr.: LPSCA074

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​(1982/EMI Australia) 20 original Capitol masters

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Tennessee Ernie Ford: Hymns & Spirituals
Art-Nr.: CDCTS55549

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(2008/CTS) 24 tracks (65:15)

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Tennessee Ernie Ford: Meets The Girls - Rare Transcriptions
Art-Nr.: CDJAS3518

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CD on JASMINE RECORDS by Tennessee Ernie Ford - Meets The Girls - Rare Transcriptions

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Tennessee Ernie Ford: Best Of (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDDC88692

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CD on DISKY/NL RECORDS by Tennessee Ernie Ford - Best Of (CD)

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