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The Fifty Foot Combo: Wildmen (7inch, 45rpm, PS, Limited Edition)
Art-Nr.: 452921255

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File Under: Monstrophonic/Garage-R'n'R/Exotica-Trash. Splendid news from Fifty Foot Combo: the masters and mistress of the Monstrophonic sound have recorded a new studio album, set for a spring release this year. As a special appetizer they bring us this double A...

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The Fifty Foot Combo: Ghent-Bxl
Art-Nr.: CDDBR20026

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(2004/DRUNKABILLY) 11 tracks - digipac / last copies

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The Fifty Foot Combo: Caffeine
Art-Nr.: CDDBR20012

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Sixties-Surf-Instrumentals & Groovy Swinging London-GoGo-Beats mit fetter psychedelischer Hammondorge, Fuzzgitarren, Congas, Vibrato und Twang zum Cocktail schlurfen in der Tiki Bar, um wilde Wellen zu reiten oder Agenten zu jagen. (2002/DRUNKABILLY) 13 tracks

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