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Julian Fauth: The Weak And The Wicked - The Hard And The Strong (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDFI3452

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(2017/Electro-Fi) 14 Tracks (73:12) - Gatefold Digisleeve -  In Julian's words:  'In the summer of 2015, I participated in "Music From The Americas", a series of live concerts put on by CIUT Radio in Toronto. I performed a variety of songs...

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Julian Fauth: Songs Of Vice And Sorrow
Art-Nr.: CD3391

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(2004/05 'Electro-Fi') (74:13/17) Labelbesitzer Andrew Galloway schwärmt von diesem Musiker. Und das zu Recht. Julian Fauth ist der auffallendste und originellste weiße Bluessänger und Songschreiber, den wir seit langem gehört haben. Seit seiner Gitarristen hat...

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Julian Fauth: Everybody Ought To Treat Stranger Right
Art-Nr.: CD3433

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(2012 'Electro-Fi') (77:50/17)

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Julian Fauth: Ramblin' Son
Art-Nr.: CD3406

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Extremely entertaining and humorous Canadian pinao palyer. His second release, and a very good one. He's a writer of his own tunes. And he's re-arranging songs from the old times. His playing sounds powerful and sensitive at the same time. Beautiful mix of styles,...

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