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Adam Faith

Adam Faith

Adam Faith, born Terry Nelhams in Acton, London, on June 23, 1940, was second only to Cliff Richard as Britain's teenage idol in the early Sixties. His first ambition was to be a film editor and after school he worked as a messenger boy at Rank Screen Services. But caught up in the skiffle craze, he became vocalist with the Worried Men, a group formed by workmates at Rank, until after a year, Jack Good, the scholarly ombudsman of English rock'n'roll, suggested that Nelhams go solo as Adam Faith.

He left his job, appeared on 6.5 Special twice, went on the road four times and cut two flops for HMV in 1958. Losing heart, he returned to Rank where he worked as an assistant . cutter. Early in 1959, after a year's absence from showbiz, John Barry recommended Faith for a residency on a forth-coming TV rock series, Drumbeat and after a successful audition, Faith stayed with the show for the whole of its 22-week run. He also recorded another flop, 'Runk Bunk' for Top Rank and appeared in the teen-movie Beat Girl.

On Drumbeat, he met songwriter Johnny Worth, a member of the Raindrops, who offered Faith his composition `What Do You Want?'. Recorded at EMI in late 1959 with John Barry providing unique pizzicato string backing over which Faith hiccoughed the lyrics, 'What Do You Want?' became the biggest British hit of 1960, finally establishing the singer. He followed up with a series of huge hits including `Poor Me' (another No. 1), 'Someone Else's Baby', 'Lonely Pup' and 'Who Am I', all in the same little-boy-lost style.

Though not technically a singer, Faith's contrived enuncia-tion and emasculated vocal style aroused a protective feeling among the era's girl fans; while visually, he was quite chic for the period, eschewing greasy forelocks for a French college boy haircut. Abandoning his recording career in 1965, he went into repertory and for two years he toured the provinces in ob-scurity. In 1971, he was widely acclaimed for his portrayal of the loser villain `Budgie' in the TV series of the same name and many thought he stole the limelight from co-star David Essex in the film Stardust. Currently he manages singer Leo Sayer and has attempted a comeback with the album 1 Survived in 1974.

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Adam Faith: The Very Best Of Adam Faith (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CD4773052

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(2005/EMI) 60 tracks 1961-68 with 12 page booklet

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Adam Faith: All The Hits
Art-Nr.: CDEMI68032

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(2009/EMI) 26 tracks

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Adam Faith: Hits (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDEMI78552

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(2011/EMI) 26 tracks 1959-66.

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Adam Faith: Carve Up - Sparkling Brown Eyes (by Shane Fenton) (7inch, 45rpm, SC)
Art-Nr.: 45BL828

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(Blakey) Fabulous double A-side rocker 45RPM - small centerhole.  - Side A: Carve Up by Adam Faith (accompaniment directed by John Barry) Side B: Sparkling Brown Eyes by Shane Fenton And The Fentones

$11.61 *

Adam Faith: A's, B's & EPs (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD5831132

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(2003/EMI) 24 tracks 1961-1964

$18.31 *

Adam Faith: Best Of Adam Faith (Vinyl-LP)
Art-Nr.: LPMFP5849

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Adam Faith's recent triumphant stage musical debut in the West End production of Budgie - in which he plays the role of the small-time con man that he first created for back in the Seventies - marked a return to musical roots for the man who was born Terence Nelhams...

$15.93 *

Adam Faith: On The Move - Faith Alive!
Art-Nr.: CDBGO477

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(2000/BGO) 28 tracks.

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Adam Faith: Adam (1960) - Mono & Stereo
Art-Nr.: CDDOR106

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(1997/Emi) 24 tracks.

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Adam Faith: For Always (3-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDGLD25603

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(2012/GOLDIES) 54 tracks

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Adam Faith: What Do You Want - The Singles Collection 1958-1962 (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDJAS927

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(2016/Jasmine) 36 Tracks - Original HMV Pop, Parlophone and UK Columbia recordings, 1958-62!

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Adam Faith: EP-Collection
Art-Nr.: LPSEE298

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(1991/SEE FOR MILES) 24 tracks 1959-1964.

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Adam Faith: Adam
Art-Nr.: CDPW710072

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Adam Faith: Not Just A Memory 1963-65
Art-Nr.: CM121

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