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Leroy Van Dyke

Geboren am 4. 10. 1929 in Spring Fork, Missouri, USA. Studierte bis 1952 an der Universität von Columbia Tierzucht und Publizistik. Teilnehmer am Korea-Krieg, wo er vor Ort auch mit Marilyn Monroe als Truppenunterhalter auftrat. Kam 1956 mit 'Auctioneer' (Rang 29) auf Dot Records in die US- Hitlisten, war ständiger Gast in TV-Musik-Shows. 1961 ging er nach Nashville, wechselte zu Mercury Records und hatte mit 'Walk On By' einen Nr.-5-Treffer. lm Country-Mekka wurde 1962 auch die deutschsprachige Version 'Geh nicht vorbei' aufgenommen, die bei uns jedoch floppte (den Rahm schöpfte Rex Gildo ab, der damit auf Rang 14 der Hitparade kam). Van Dyke wurde Mitglied der Grand Ole Opry, trat live mit seiner Band The Auctioneers auf. Heute lebt er mit seiner zweiten Frau Gladys als Farmer in Spring Fork und ist sporadisch Gast in Country & Western-Shows. Aus dem Bear Family Buch - 1000 Nadelstiche von Bernd Matheja - BFB10025 -


Leroy Van Dyke

A native of Spring Fork, Missouri, LEROY VAN DYKE served in Korea as a counter-intelligence agent before he considered a musical career. During his army service he wrote a song based on his cousin's auctioneering experiences and sang it on the Morris B. Sacks' Amateur Hour on WGN-TV, Chicago. He lost the contest but won a Dot recording contract. The Auctioneer went Top 10 Country and Top 30 Pop in 1957. There were no more hits on Dot as Van Dyke forsook novelties for lightweight rockabilly. "I didn't particularly like it," he told Rich Kienzle, "but they wanted me to record it...Wood tried to push me into a rockabilly thing that was really out in left field and none of that stuff worked." What did work was Walk On By, which brought Van Dyke back to the charts on Mercury in 1961. From his Dot recordings, though, we've picked Chicken Shack, a version of Amos Milburn's Chicken Shack Boogie from 1949, that (pace Van Dyke) works a treat. The rest of his Dot recordings can be found on 'The Auctioneer' (BCD 15647). 

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Leroy Van Dyke: Walk On By
Art-Nr.: BCD15779

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1-CD with 36-page booklet, 30 tracks. Playing time approx. 70 mns. 'Walk On By' picks up Leroy van Dyke's story as he joined Mercury in 1961 and scored the biggest hit of his career with the international smash hit, 'Walk On By'. The most important Mercury...

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Leroy Van Dyke: The Auctioneer
Art-Nr.: BCD15647

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1-CD with 12-page booklet, 15 tracks. Playing time approx. 31 mns. In 1957 Leroy Van Dyke scored one of the great crossover novelty hits of the rock 'n' roll era. His song, The Auctioneer , was a Top 20 pop and country hit, and the original version is here together...

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