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Huelyn Duvall: Ramblin' & Boppin'
Art-Nr.: CDRBR5603

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(2003/RHYTHM BOMB) 19 tracks new recordings with Wildfire Willy's Band - rocks !

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Huelyn Duvall: Get Carried Away (& Wildfire Willie)
Art-Nr.: CDGR6131

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(2008/GOOFIN) 13 tracks - superb Rock & Roll & Rockabilly Album, recorded in Sweden with Wildfire Willie And The Ramblers on 50's vintage equipment. Phil Trigwell on backup vocals ! - digipac

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Huelyn Duvall: Double Talkin' Baby 7inch, 45rpm, PS, EP
Art-Nr.: 45SR78

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(2014/Sleazy) 4 tracks - new recordings

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DUVALL, Huelyn: The Best Of Huelyn Duvall (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDBV3030

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(2001/Duvall) 13 all-time favorites from the original master tapes 1957-58.

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