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Huelyn Duvall

Huelyn Duvall, geboren August 1939,  ist ein US-amerikanischer Rock'n'Roll- und Rockabilly-Musiker.

Duvall ist bekannt für seine 1950er Aufnahmen wie Little Boy Blue, Boom Boom Baby, Double Talkin 'Baby, unter anderem. Er hat mit Eddie Cochran, Johnny Horton, Bobby Darin, Dale Hawkins, The Champs und anderen gespielt. Sein Little Boy Blue wurde 1958 auf Billboard abgebildet und Eddie Cochran sagte ihm, dass es einer seiner Lieblingssongs war. 

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Huelyn Duvall: Three Months To Kill (CD)
Art-Nr.: ACD12509

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1-CD digipac - 68-page booklet - 33 tracks . 72:25 min. HUELYN DUVALL had it all going for him: good looks, good records, and a rich record label. But somehow a hit record never materialized. Now for the first time, RICHARD WEIZE ARCHIVES presents the complete...

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Huelyn Duvall: Is You Is Or Is You Ain't ? (LP)
Art-Nr.: SLP5019

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(1996/Sundazed) 13 tracks 1957/58 notes by Colin Escott. Sealed stock copy - very rare Vinyl LP (Bear Family Records)

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Huelyn Duvall: Ramblin' & Boppin'
Art-Nr.: CDRBR5603

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(2003/RHYTHM BOMB) 19 tracks new recordings with Wildfire Willy's Band - rocks !

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Huelyn Duvall: Ramblin' And Boppin' (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPRBR5603

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(2003/RHYTHM BOMB) 19 tracks new recordings from Sweden with Wildfire Willie & His Band - rocks !

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Huelyn Duvall: She's My Baby (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDBV3020

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(2001/BRAZOS Valley) 10 new recordings 2001 - US Import

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Huelyn Duvall: Is You Is Or Is You Ain't ? (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSC6083

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​(1996/Sundazed) 13 tracks

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Huelyn Duvall: Get Carried Away (& Wildfire Willie)
Art-Nr.: CDGR6131

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(2008/GOOFIN) 13 tracks - superb Rock & Roll & Rockabilly Album, recorded in Sweden with Wildfire Willie And The Ramblers on 50's vintage equipment. Phil Trigwell on backup vocals ! - digipac

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Huelyn Duvall: Double Talkin' Baby 7inch, 45rpm, PS, EP
Art-Nr.: 45SR78

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(2014/Sleazy) 4 tracks - new recordings

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