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Eddie Dugosh & The A-HA Playboys

Eddy Dugosh was, on the other hand, a country singer who embraced rock 'n' roll from the start. Dugosh (born 1936) had originated his band the Ah-Ha Playboys -- the name an homage to Bob Wills -- in the early fifties with several musicians who'd similarly be reinvented by rock 'n' roll a few years later: Rudy Grayzell, Johnny Olenn, and Doug Sahm. At the time he signed with Sarg in the summer of 1955, Eddy was still singing songs like Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes amid a heavily-bowed fiddle (his Sarg debut Bad Luck, Come My Way is a thinly-disguised rewrite of the Slim Willet/Ray Price hit). Eddy's second session, however, held at ACA on May 17, 1956, found the revamped Ah-Ha Playboys working in an Elvis-influenced mode. The fiddles were gone, though Dugosh temporarily retained steel guitar. Their version of Strange Kinda Feeling marks what was probably the first time a white group attempted to cover an Elmore James song (unfortunately, they weren't the last). Not many white bands of the day could've captured the essence of contemporary rhythm and blues music any better than the Ah-Ha Playboys do here. Dugosh's vocal is memorable, but steel guitarist Don Pack's imaginative jousts with the song's basic melody are nothing short of electrifying. 'Billboard' assessed the record as "a country blues that rocks" in its review of August 4, 1956. Fitch had great hopes for Strange Kinda Feeling, but by late 1956 it had only sold 177 copies. Dugosh moved to San Jose, California (where he cut a third and final single, for the Award label) and later Las Vegas, but returned to San Antonio around 1965. He hasn't picked up an instrument since.

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