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A CD with many more musical memories of the Three Travellers and their musical boss Fred Oldörp.

Among them are a number of recordings from radio archives that have not yet been available on the record market. Particularly interesting is the CD, which now lies before you, by the Berlin songs, which made the three Travellers popular - who once drank its coffee at the Kurfürstendamm, small bear of Berlin, I have' still another suitcase in Berlin or the longing song of the author team Bobby Kamp and G?nther Schwenn over the homesickness after the Kurfürstendamm. This song was written for the Three Travellers, the first version was recorded on September 1, 1949. A record that gilded itself very quickly because it reflected the melancholy mood that many former Berliners felt when they thought of their old hometown in the distance. We present this song in a live recording from the old Berlin Sports Palace.

If you talk to Berliners who no longer live in the Spree metropolis, you can quickly get the impression that hardly any other city can trigger such strong feelings of homesickness as Berlin. If it is now at the Grunewald or the Kurfürstendamm, at the old magnificent avenue'Unter den Linden' or the Wannsee - Berliners even dream of their city. And so this CD is also entitled'Ich träume von Berlin', a song that only existed in the original SFB recording from 1954. Now it is hardly possible to present songs, hits or chansons of the Three Travellers that do not tell about Berlin. This selection probably contains her most beautiful love songs for this'city with freckles', as Hildegard Knef put it. The old boat at the Havel beach plays a sentimental role in this city tour, which we - inspired by the Three Travellers - can undertake in our imagination. The atmosphere of the quiet Havel lakes, over which the evening dips, revealing the position lights of the boats rocking in the light wind, changes into the tense'hot air' in the football stadium, where the fans of the local hero await the one decisive final goal. And the'Weiss-Blaue Hertha' is - still - making the hearts of Berlin football fans beat faster - although it is not one of Berlin's fragrant girls, but'Hertha BSC', the ball game club that has not always made it easy for its supporters, who always expect only victories, during the many decades of its existence.

When the first Schupo was placed on a turbulent corner in old Berlin in 1902 to regulate the increasingly confusing traffic, the Berliners laughed themselves to pieces at the well-bodied official, who was helplessly exposed to the onrush rowing with her arms. Later, however, this police operation had earned the drivers so much respect that in an operetta revue running in Berlin with great success, the Couplet Die Polizei, die reg reg regulates the traffic was cheered on and applauded again and again. However, it is not known whether the audience really only thought of the skyrocketing numbers of motorised road users, for it was precisely at that time that the high-well-being police really took care of all areas of human life with a strict gaze and whirled up mustache.

Anyway, the Three Travellers had this old song, in a fresh, musically absolutely dust-free version, as well in their successful repertoire as the ancient hit Der Berliner liebt Musike, which for many decades was something like the secret hymn of the garden restaurants with music and'Remmidemmi'. The'Musical Ambassadors of Berlin' even teach a little history lesson with the song 0311 - Berlin, Berlin. When the telephone trunk dialling service was introduced, there were dialling codes which led to an announcement tape with the respective place name, which signalled to the caller that it was now possible to dial the number of the subscriber. And it was not only a nice idea of the lyricist - in fact the call counters of the telephone offices showed quite perfectly that many from far away dialed the numbers 0311 just to hear the nice woman's voice with the announcement "Berlin-Berlin" and to get the feeling to be in Berlin at least by telephone for a few seconds.


Excerpt from booklet BCD16026 - DREI TRAVELLERS I only dream of Berlin

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(1997/EMI) 60 tracks