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The Dragtones: Twisted - Ballad Of A Broken Man (7inch, 45rpm, PS)
Art-Nr.: 45SR123

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(2017/Sleazy) 2-Track Single - 45rpm and big center juke box hole! Comes with a carton picture sleeve!

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The Dragtones: Drag (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD11040001

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(Wild) 15 tracks of Top Fuel Rock & Roll

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The Dragtones: The Devil Inside
Art-Nr.: 45SR100

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(2015/Sleazy) the newest 2-Sider of the Dragtones including a Spanish version of the Ralph Nielsen classic 'Scream'!

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DRAGTONES: Drag! - The Wild Sessions
Art-Nr.: LPSR11

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(2011/2014/Sleazy) 15 tracks of Top Fuel Rock & Roll! In 2011 released on CD and finally out on good old vinyl!

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