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Sacha Distel

29.01.1933 in Paris, + 22.07.2004,

Troubadour with guitar, showman, chansonnier, composer (among others songs for Frank Sinatra, Petula Clark and Dionne Warwick), music publisher and Actor, son of a pianist, nephew of bandleader RAY VENTURA (+ 1979), learns the piano as a child over six years, from 1948 guitar, 1950 Abitur, military service, HENRI SALVADOR (u.a. guitarist in his uncle's orchestra) becomes his great role model, later excellent jazz guitarist, worked in New York, 1953 return to France, first records with a trio, 1953 film debut, 7x guitarist of the year, 1956 in the Modern Jazz Quartet (LP "Afternoon In Paris"-1956),

2 years (until 1957) musical companion of Juliette Greco, who led him to light entertainment music, together with his uncle founded a small record company, successful studio musician, 1958 liaison with Brigitte Bardot, 1958 with his own quartet in Algiers, first records in various languages (French, English, Spanish and German). Italian), 1960 in the TV-Peter Kraus-Show ("Unsere Sprache Ist Musik" & PETER KRAUS), May 1962 in the 5th TV-Show "Herzlichst Ihr Peter Kraus",

CD "Herzlichst Ihr Peter Kraus"-1989 on Bear Family Records, in the 60s Schlagerinterpret romantic tracks in Germany, February 1962-April 1968 Polydor with 11 hits in Germany and Germany.a. "Adios Amigo"-1962 (Place No. 5-Arrangeur: PETER LAINE), "Mister Bass-Man"-1963 (& HENRI SALVADOR) or "Der Platz Neben Mir"-1963 (Place No. 5-Arrangeur: PETER LAINE). 6-Arrangeur: PETER LAINE), "Sunny Playboy"-1964 (own composition), "Frauen Und Rosen"-1965, "Ein Frauenfreund"-1965, produced alternately by GERHARD MENDELSON u. KURT FELTZ with the recording focus in Cologne, 1964 LP "Der Vagabund Aus Paris", with "Adios Amigos" he wins a lion at Radio Luxemburg,

1969 change to Columbia ("Bonjour Barbara"/"Ein Ring Liegt Am Grunde Der Seine"), 1963 marriage with a female skier, TV "Treffpunkt Telebar"-March 1963, 1993 foundation of his own orchestra, LP-1988 u. CD-2003 "Adios Amiga" on Bear Family Records, plays in the Schlagerfim "Sing, Aber Spiel Nicht Mit Mir"-1962/63

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Sacha Distel: Adios Amigo
Art-Nr.: BCD16640

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1-CD with 32-page booklet, 29 tracks, playing time 78:14 minutes.

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Sacha Distel: En Vers Et Contre Vous (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CD077167

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(2003/Mercury France) 27 Tracks, Digipac - Limited Edition, inculding duets Liza Minnelli and Dionne Warwick.

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Sacha Distel: Sacha Distel (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSI906453

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(2010/Disky) 20 tracks

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Sacha Distel: La Belle Vie - La Collection (3-CD, Digibook)
Art-Nr.: CD980880

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(2002/Universal-Mercury) 74 Tracks - Deluxe Digibook-Longbox - Collector's Edition!

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