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The Devil MakesThree: Redemption & Ruin (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDNW6355

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(2016/New West) 12 tracks. Redemption & Ruin is a 12-song cover-record with two distinct, but intertwined personalities. The first half of the record focuses on the faults and vices that can drive creation within music while the second half focuses on the...

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The Devil MakesThree: Stomp And Smash
Art-Nr.: CD36554

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(2011/MILAN) 11 tracks (44:13) digipac, recorded at the Mystic Theatre in Petaluma,CA, May 2011.

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Devil MakesThree: I'm A Stranger Here
Art-Nr.: CDNW6282

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(2013/New West) 10 tracks. Singer Pete Bernhard has recorded 10 songs about his time on tour: road songs, heartbreak songs and barnburner! Accompanied by bass and guitar and recorded in the studio of the Black Keys in Nashville radiate the pieces of a grandiose...

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The Devil MakesThree: Devil Makes Three Devil Makes Three
Art-Nr.: CD36321

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(2007/Milan) 14 titres

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