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Carlos Del Junco: Big Boy
Art-Nr.: CDBRR2

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(1998 'Big Reed') (63:51/13) Studioalbum, bei dem die technischen Fertikeiten dieses talentierten, innovativen Spielers im Vordergrund stehen. Stilistisch geht's von einigen wenigen konventionellen Blues über jazzige Phrasen und Akustikausflügen bis hin zu...

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Carlos Del Junco: Steady Movin'
Art-Nr.: CDNBM051

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Great new release from Canada's 'King Of The Harmonica'. There are a couple of highlights, like his acoustic versions of a Sonny Boy Wiliamson song, and his version of the traditional 'Amazing Grace'. The album begins with a couple of amlified harmonica tunes before...

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Carlos Del Junco: Mongrel Mash
Art-Nr.: CDBRR4

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Warning! This ain't no blues record in a narrower sense. Carlos Del Junco loves to blow, and he's not accepting any stylistic borderlines. On the other hand, once again, he's supplying us with a CD full of finesse and the art of playing. If you don't care much about...

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