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Werner Cyprys

* April 19, 1922 - July 30, 2000

When the former compatriot meets his later wife Friedel Hensch in October 1945, they decide to do a short review together with Karl Geithner. Soon they will be performing at the Ballhaus Richter on Hamburg's Reeperbahn. Their program is so stunning that soon there will be no stopping, even as far as their record activities are concerned. The first record is "Mein Kaugummi" by Werner Cyprys. As an author, he also contributed hits such as "Übers Jahr, wenn die Kornblumen blüh'n" (1951) and "Solang die Sterne gllüh'n" (1957). He also writes - under several pseudonyms - many German texts on American melodies. In 1956, he founded the group Teddies, which he also placed with Polydor. In addition, Werner Cyprys has been a producer for Polydor for many years. ("50s")

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