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Bobby Curtola: Born To Sing - Original Fancine 1994
Art-Nr.: 0003030

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8 pages/Seiten, 28 x 21.5 cm, tacked/geheftet: So, there is still a Bobby Curtola fan magazine in 1994, telling us that he is still going strong and available for booking. 2 pages are full of ads to pay for this, the rest is a collection of b&w photographs showing...

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Bobby Curtola: Christmas Flashback (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDTAR0014

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​(Taragon) 12 tracks

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Bobby Curtola: 15 Greatest Hits (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD17248

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(1991/BMG) 15 tracks

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Bobby Curtola: Gotta Get Used To Being Country (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDTAR0016

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​(TarTan) 10 tracks - originally sealed!

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