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Johnny Copeland: The Crazy Cajun Recordings (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDED581

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(1998/Crimson) 21 tracks

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Johnny Copeland: Down On Bending Knee (1960-75)
Art-Nr.: RB1002

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-Down On Bending Knees (1960-75) Mr.R&B

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Johnny Copeland: An Introduction To Johnny Copeland (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD0615942

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(2006/Fuel) 16 tracks (46:33) 1963-67 with notes by Bill Dahl. The Texas Twister's legendary 1960s recordings.

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Johnny Copeland: I'll Be Around (1958-75)
Art-Nr.: RB1001

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-I'll Be Around (1958-75) Mr.R&B

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Johnny Copeland: Copeland, Johnny It's Me (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDTOP2392

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(1965-72) (121:09 / 43)

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Johnny Copeland: Essential Recordings: Down On Bended Knee
Art-Nr.: CDROU2207

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'Best Of' compilation from the catalog of the largest independant record company in the US.

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