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"Germany's Folklore Group" (album cover)

Many musicians known today have been members of the City Preachers over the years. Among them are Dagmar Krause, Jean-Jacques Kravetz, Udo Lindenberg and Inga Rumpf. The singer and guitarist John O'Brien Docker remembers the founding of the group as follows: "The City Preachers were founded in October 1965. I had met a whole series of young artists - all amateurs - and formed a 'permanent' group out of them. Well, the group wasn't that 'tight' now either. The number of band members was never constant. "We sing the most beautiful and dynamic songs that we find at a certain time and that are suitable for our 'City Preachers Sound' in an arrangement," says John O'Brien Docker, describing the style of the band, which initially devoted itself entirely to international folklore.

"The folklore wave was already in full swing in 1966," says Sibylle Kynast, who sang in several languages and belonged to the City Preachers almost from beginning to end. "Perhaps German folklore was not yet popular, but the singing of foreign-language songs, especially in Bündischen youth groups, where I also learned my first songs, was very topical. There was Esther & Abi Ofarim, Belina & Behrend and many others. Folklore was never a wave for me either. I sang my songs out of conviction because I have always been interested in the music of other cultures. That is still the case today."

De sun vet arunter gayn comes from the 1966 debut album of the City Preachers 'Folklore'. This Yiddish song is a love complaint that Sibylle Kynast learned from Walter Mossmann. The great popularity of the Hamburg group also brought her to Chris Howland's television show 'Music from Studio B'. There they performed in 1966 with Heidi Brühl, Roy Black, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich and others. A year later the LP 'Warum? appeared. German protest songs - songs against the war'. The first album of the City Preachers was re-released as a CD in 1998.


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